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  1. a lasting sign of damage, either physical or emotional; "The __________ on her wrist was indicative of the emotional effects she also experienced."."
  2. in a manner that is officially recognized; "He was not found __________ insane, so his trial commenced immediately."
  3. specific way of performing or doing something; "Although they followed the usual __________ , the outcome was entirely different than they expected."
  4. undesired problem resulting from some other event; "They encountered a __________ during the delivery of her baby, due to her diabetes."
  5. forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disease or situation; "After considering all of her tests, the __________ regarding her disease was not good."

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  1. implantto insert into the body surgically; "She was considering having the veterinarian __________ a tracking chip in her dog's neck."


  2. injectto force or insert a substance into something else; "They will __________ the puppy with a counteractive drug if he has a reaction to the rabies shot."


  3. veina blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; "He prepared to draw blood from her left arm, but the __________ wasn't suitable, so he chose her right arm instead."


  4. terminalpersevere, keep at it, endure; "He will __________ in studying, because he is determined to get a high score."


  5. anesthesialoss of feeling or sensation resulting from chloroform. novocain, etc.; "She awoke from the __________ , unable to remember anything about the surgery."