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Derived Demand

demand for a resource (such as labor) based on the demand for goods and services that the resource produces

Labor Force

All people not in institutions who are 16 years of age or older and who are currently employed or who are unemployed and looking for work

Job Discrimination

Practice of favoring one person over another for reasons that have nothing to do with ability to perform a job

Labor Union

Association of workers that seeks to improve its members' wages, working conditions, and benefits

Collective Bargaining

Process in which union and company representatives meet to negotiate a new labor contract


Withholding of labor services by a union


Formal complaint made by a union if it feels one member or class of its members have been treated inappropriately under the terms of a contract


A worker's length of service with an employer


Closing down of a business to pressure a union into accepting employment conditions


A court order to keep a union from striking and picketing


the act of employees carrying signs that call attention to a labor strike with the goal of arousing public sympathy

Union Shop

Nonunion members can be hired by the factory, business,or agency but only on the condition that they join the union after they are hired

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