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  1. James Burgh
  2. "Big" Government.
  3. Nine
  4. Me and you
  5. Roman Republic
  1. a this would defend the interests of elites and establish laws and order that would preserve the social, political, and economic order.
  2. b who are the masses?
  3. c Contained one house for commoners
    Contained another house for upper class elites.
    Although peoples house had the right to veto.
  4. d Doctrine of separation - first person to use "a small wall of separation"
  5. e They agreed that they would need how many states to ratify?

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  1. Limited Representative Government
    Separation of Church and State
    Private Property
    Free Market
    Individual Liberty
  2. in which state did rebels capture legislation?
  3. "The us constitution was written to protect the interests of the few from the interests of the many"
  4. not frequent.( is over the means not the end. )
  5. done by elites through the electoral college.

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  1. Paulo FreireA way of understanding American Politics by focusing on the role of elites.


  2. Republic instead of a democracy.Delegates chose blank instead of blank.


  3. Elites (not the people) should ruledone by elites through the electoral college.


  4. Largely unaccountable and self interested.Elites are.........


  5. Competence (Education)Believed the masses lacked what?