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  1. Democracy requires a broad distribution of wealth in order to create competent citizens.
  2. Founding Fathers
  3. The nation's first elites (founders)
  4. Limited Government
  5. Americas Liberal Values
  1. a Limited Representative Government
    Separation of Church and State
    Private Property
    Free Market
    Individual Liberty
  2. b saw themselves as just-loving philosophical men. and believed they could best determine the will of the people.
  3. c 55 white, rich, well educated men.
  4. d Democracy was conceived as a natural enemy why?
  5. e limited by written rules.

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  1. Contained one house for commoners
    Contained another house for upper class elites.
    Although peoples house had the right to veto.
  2. Elites are.........
  3. allow one branch to veto the decisions of the other.
  4. Doctrine of separation - first person to use "a small wall of separation"
  5. all societies are divided into.....

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  1. Northern Bankers, merchants, lawyers, and southern planters.Founders were.......


  2. Choose their senators.Today, Americans have won the right to do this.


  3. Joseph PriestlyNegative State theory- the only purpose of government is to protect against natural rights(life,liberty,property) Tie the hands of the government.


  4. Hamilton, Madison, Jaywho said "while it is necessary to control the masses, government must also control itself"


  5. Wright MillsColonies decided to impose taxes to pay the war debt.
    in Massachusetts, this man, organized a revolt that spread.


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