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  1. Northern Bankers, merchants, lawyers, and southern planters.
  2. Republic instead of a democracy.
  3. Howard Zinn
  4. 1778
  5. The nation's first elites (founders)
  1. a 55 white, rich, well educated men.
  2. b Constitution was ratified in this year.
  3. c "The us constitution was written to protect the interests of the few from the interests of the many"
  4. d Founders were.......
  5. e Delegates chose blank instead of blank.

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  1. limited by written rules.
  2. this would defend the interests of elites and establish laws and order that would preserve the social, political, and economic order.
  3. Argues that education is a political process... and it can be used to nurture democracy or to destroy it.
  4. A way of understanding American Politics by focusing on the role of elites.
  5. Negative State theory- the only purpose of government is to protect against natural rights(life,liberty,property) Tie the hands of the government.

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  1. John LockeThe men who own this country ought to govern it.


  2. Americas Liberal Valuesallow one branch to veto the decisions of the other.


  3. Founding Fatherssaw themselves as just-loving philosophical men. and believed they could best determine the will of the people.


  4. Henry Girouxwho are the masses?


  5. Election of the Presidentnot frequent.( is over the means not the end. )