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  1. Congressman, Media, and Military Elites
  2. Jean Jacques Rousseau
  3. Elites (not the people) should rule
  4. Wright Mills
  5. Paulo Freire
  1. a Social contract theory- (father of the french revolution) men come together to create government for the purpose of protecting those rights. If government fails to protect those rights then men should rebel.
  2. b Founding fathers believed..............
  3. c Argues that education is a political process... and it can be used to nurture democracy or to destroy it.
  4. d came up with the theory of the 3 interlocking sectors.
  5. e The three interlocking sectors that hold power.

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  1. not frequent.( is over the means not the end. )
  2. Elites are.........
  3. "The us constitution was written to protect the interests of the few from the interests of the many"
  4. Limited Representative Government
    Separation of Church and State
    Private Property
    Free Market
    Individual Liberty
  5. the elite house

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  1. Bill of Rightscame up with the theory of the 3 interlocking sectors.


  2. Rhode islandthe elite house


  3. Choose their senators.the elite house


  4. James BurghDoctrine of separation - first person to use "a small wall of separation"


  5. Checks and Balancesallow one branch to veto the decisions of the other.