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  1. Americas Liberal Values
  2. Representative government
  3. Northern Bankers, merchants, lawyers, and southern planters.
  4. Wright Mills
  5. Republic instead of a democracy.
  1. a Limited Representative Government
    Separation of Church and State
    Private Property
    Free Market
    Individual Liberty
  2. b Founders were.......
  3. c came up with the theory of the 3 interlocking sectors.
  4. d government in which you elect people to represent you.
  5. e Delegates chose blank instead of blank.

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  1. Natural rights theory- men are born with the rights to life, liberty and property.
  2. A way of understanding American Politics by focusing on the role of elites.
  3. Founders intended to create a what?
  4. Believed the masses lacked what?
  5. allow one branch to veto the decisions of the other.

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  1. Rhode islandin which state did rebels capture legislation?


  2. Me and youThe men who own this country ought to govern it.


  3. Athenian Democracythe elite house


  4. Platobelieved that the best government is one ruled by a just "philosopher king"


  5. Largely unaccountable and self interested.Delegates chose blank instead of blank.


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