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Plasma Membrane (Cell Membrane)

Allows certain substances to enter or leave the cell. Surrounds the cell-bilayer


Detoxifies the cell (has catalase) Poison to the cell. Floats around in the cells. No specific location

Golgi Apparatus (Body)

Sorts, Modifies, and packages macromolecules (made by ER) for cell secretion or use in the cell-like a post office that ships things to different pats of the cell. Close to endoplasmic reticulum


Protein Synthesis. NOT unique to Eukaryotic cells.

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER)

Has ribosomes- makes proteins to leave the cell or be a part of the cell membrane (transport proteins) Around nucleus

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (SER)

Synthesizes lipids, steroids, and carbohydrates. Right outside of nucleus.


Cells power producers. Makes ATP-convert energy into forms that are used by the cell. Only in Eukaryotic cells. Spread throughout the cell. Looks like a pill.


The recycle and break down cell parts. (Cell parts, Macromolecules, and waste) small sack in cell has digestive enzymes in it.


Conduct photosynthesis and capture light to conserve free energy. Makes sugar (glucose) and energy. found all over plant cells.


Organize the completion of mitosis (cell division) they also organize microtubules found in the cytoplasm. It contributes to the spacial set up in a cell. Above the nucleus.


Maintains cell shape, protects the cell, enables cellular motion, and is an imp. role in cell division Like a highway. Actin is a part of.


Controls the contents of the cell. The BRAIN of the cell (has genetic info-DNA)


Makes ribosomes (in nucleus) Synthesis's proteins.


Transport, store, or digest cellular products and waste. Small packets. Lysosomes, peroxisome- are specific vesicles.

Central Vacuole

Stores waste products from the cell. Stores water and nutrients. Toward center of cell. Puts extra water here. Filled with water so plants can stand up.


(Cytoplasm) Found inside cells (liquid) Like syrup. Throughout cell.

Nuclear Envelope

Membrane that covers/protects the nucleus of Eukaryotic cells. Protects the DNA. In the nucleus.


DNA and protein. Found in nucleus.

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