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Sp 1 - Unit 3 - Ir (sentences)

Yo voy al centro comercial.
I am going to the mall. (write the pronoun)
Tú vas al cine.
You(familiar) are going to the movie theater. (write the pronoun)
Él va a la piscina.
He is going to the pool. (write the pronoun)
Ella va a estudiar.
She is going to study. (write the pronoun)
Ud. va a jugar deportes.
You(formal) are going to play sports. (write the pronoun)
Nosotros vamos a la biblioteca.
We are going to the library. (write the pronoun)
Vosotros vais a la clase de español.
You all(SPAIN) are going to Spanish class. (write the pronoun)
Ellos van a bailar.
They(boys) are going to dance. (write the pronoun)
Ellas van a nadar.
They(girls) are going to swim. (write the pronoun)
Uds. van al partido de básquetbol.
You all(formal) are going to the basketball game. (write the pronoun)
¿Adónde vas?
Where are you going? (Don't add a pronoun)
¿Vas a la playa?
Are you going to the beach? (Don't add a pronoun)
¿Vas al concierto?
Are you going to the concert? (Don't add a pronoun)
to go