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Mobilitywillingness & ability of people to move to where jobs are locatedvaluesthings important to you--money, power, prestige, achievement, belonging, serving others, independencecareer fairopportunity to meet many people representing many businesses in a brief encounter at 1 location on 1 specified day.employment agencysimilar to or another name for: a temporary agency, placement agency, headhunter, recruiter, department of labor...all these can help you get a part-time, full-time, temp. or permanent jobjob applicationform that requests standard information about people interested in working for a company; it is kept as a permanent record and may be filled out on-line, to get an interview or after you're hired, depending on the job or career position.resumea one-page tool to give your objective, education, experience, skills, and name/address/contact info. in a well-recognized, succinct formatreferencescommonly misspelled word; list of personal friends and employers who can attest to your job-worthiness to a potential employercover letterexpress your interest in a professional way; accompanies your resume; use complete sentences.interviewtwo-way communication between job candidate and employer(s) to decide if career/job is right for each; may be by phone, in a group, via teleconference.thank you lettera formal hand-written or typed form to follow up after an interview and then the interviewer; should be sent within a day or two of the interview.elevator speechplanned 30, 60 or 90 second talk about yourself to sell yourself when you have a chance!probationary periodusually 90 days you have to learn, improve, and correct mistakes as a new employee on the jobmentoran experienced person who serves as a counselor to someone with less experience to learn the jobexit interviewwhen an employer asks questions about your work experience before you part ways with the company- The squeaky wheel gets the oil -saying (phrase/cliché) that means you need to get the employer's attention to notice you - in a professional way

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