A recently married couple each owned a home before getting married. Now the homes are owned as:
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The default form of ownership when a married couple purchases Florida real estate is tenancy:by the entireties.Two cousins are buying an apartment building. In order to protect the rights of inheritance of each of their families, the form of ownership should be:tenancy-in-commonIn selecting the form of ownership, two people would NOT consider:the amount of land they are purchasing. SHOULD: - consider their marital status. - the existence of a will. - the right of survivorship.Bob conveys to Bill "for the life of Jill." What kind of estate does Bill hold?Life estateThe term "estate" refers to:the rights held by someone who has a possessory interest in real estate.The year-end financial information from the previous year must be given to the buyers of:a condominium.Buyer purchased the back 40 acres from Seller. Shortly after purchasing, Buyer discovered that there was no public access to her property. Buyer's right to cross Seller's property is an easement:by necessity.Which is NOT a form of ownership:tenancy-at-will.As the result of a lawsuit, the court has decreed that Debtor is indebted to Creditor and fixes the amount of indebtedness. Creditor has a:judgment.A declaration would most likely be used in which type of property?Condominium