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making food from energy from chemical reactrions


a relationship where one organism benefits and the other is neither hurt nor benefiting


the act of being dryed out


an organism that feeds on detritus


an animal that contains all of its body heat from its environment


an animal that maintains a constant body temperature by generating heat internally


an organsim that relies on other organsims for food


the internal balance that living organsims must maintain ti survive


a relationship where both organsims benefit


an organsims role in its environment


living off another organism

photic zone

the section that recieves light in the ocean and photosynthesis


organsims that float or drift in the sea's currents


the amount of salt in the water


an intimate arrangement between 2 different kinds of organisms

continnental drift

the movement of continental masses as a relsut of sea floor

continental shelf

the edge of a continental land mass

deep sea vent community

a community of marine organisms that depend on the specialized environment found at dwergences zone in the ocean floor


molten material located deep in earths mantle


the angualr distance east and wets of the prime meridian measured in degrees

mid ocean ridge

a long mountain range that froms along cracks in the ocean floor where erupting magma breaks through the earths crust


the singe continental land mas or supercontinent that existed about 400 mya

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