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rebirth of learning


the cultural movement of the Renaissance




Renaissance writer who wrote the book "The Prince".

Leonardo de Medici

Wealthy merchant and patron of the arts


painted the School of Athens

Johannes Gutenberg

invented the printing press

Desidarius Erasmus

wrote The Praise of Folly

Sir Thomas More

wrote "Utopia"

William Shakespeare

English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers

Jan van Eyck

Flemish painter who focused on landscapes and everyday life

Protestant Reformation

a religious movement that began as an effort to reform the Catholic Church


fee paid to church to guarantee you less time in purgatory

Martin Luther

German monk and leader of the Protestant Reformation


government run by religious leaders

John Calvin

religious reformer who believed in predestination and a strict sense of morality for society


Calvin's religious theory that God has already planned out a person's life.


declare invalid

counter reformation

catholic church's attempt to stop the protestant movement and to Strengthen the Catholic Church


a religious order created to serve the pope and the church

Council of Trent

a meeting of Roman Catholic leaders, called by Pope Paul III to rule on doctrines criticized by the Protestant reformers

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