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Prescription privileges have been granted to appropriately trained clinical psychologists in which states?
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The authors of DSM-5 have been universally praised for the care that was taken to avoid the overexpansion of mental disorders and overdiagnosis.falseWhich of the following is NOT an argument that has arisen against prescription privileges for clinical psychologists?Prescription medications are generally considered ineffective for treating mental disordersA clinical psychologist providing services via videoconferencing, e-mail, or texting is engaging in ______.telepsychologyThe majority of psychoactive medications are prescribed primary care physicianstrueWhich of the following is TRUE regarding psychologists' work with managed care companies?Managed care companies can deny payment for care that they believe is unnecessary, even when the psychologist deems it necessaryWhich of the following is NOT an argument that has arisen in support of prescription privileges for clinical psychologists?s of psychiatristsThe American Psychological Association has issued updated ethical guidelines to address the emergence of telepsychology in clinical practice.trueThe professional activity clinical psychologists are most often involved in ______.psychotherapyWhat is the primary setting in which clinical psychologists work?private practicePsychiatrists_____.are medical professionalsWhich of the following is TRUE regarding graduate training in clinical psychology?Programs that subscribe to the clinical scientist model of training typically award the PhD degree.The most common work setting for clinical psychologists is academia (i.e., at universities).falseWhen becoming licensed, a U.S. clinical psychologist must typically pass ______.he EPPP and a state-specific exam on laws and ethicsCompared to the training of clinical psychologists, professional counselors typically earn a master's degree rather than a doctoral degree.trueWhich of the following lists the necessary stages for independent licensure as a clinical psychologist in order from first to last?completion of graduate coursework, predoctoral internship, postdoctoral internship, and licensure examsSigmund Freud was the first person to use the term "clinical psychology."falseHow do social workers differ from clinical psychologists?Social workers typically lack a doctoral degree and training in assessment techniques.The practitioner-scholar model of training is also known as the Boulder model of training.falseIn what way do clinical psychology PsyD programs NOT tend to differ from PhD programs?PsyD programs generally accept and enrol a smaller number of students than PhD programs.The clinical psychology education and training model that emphasizes roughly equal parts science and practice is known as the ______.Boudler modelWhich of the following is NOT a way in which clinical psychologists generally differ from counseling psychologists?Clinical psychologists are more interested in vocational testing and career direction than counseling psychologists.Successful completion of the postdoctoral internship authorizes a psychologist to practice independently.falseCharles Spearman created the concept of "g," a general intelligence thought to overlap with many specific abilities.trueA projective assessment instrument, the Rorschach Inkblot Test relies upon the assumption that ______.people's responses to ambiguous or vague stimuli reveal their personalitiesThe DSM shrinks in size with each new edition.falseWorld War I is often cited as the event that transformed psychotherapy into a major professional activity of clinical psychologists.falseInternet gaming disorder is an official diagnosis in DSM-5.falsePersistent complex bereavement is ______.when a person experiences the death of a loved one and continues to feel intense sorrow for over 12 monthsEmil Kraepelin developed a two-category system for describing mental illness comprised of ______ disorders and ______ disorders.endogenous; exogenousLeading the American movement for humane treatment of the mentally ill, ______ opened the retreat in Connecticut in 1824, a facility which allowed patients to have significant input in their treatment decisions.Elii ToddThe intelligence quotient is derived from the quotient of ______ and ______.mental age; chronological ageAssessment was the most prominent clinical activity in the early years of the profession of clinical psychology.trueWhile the ______ is often used to identify psychopathology, the ______ measures universal personality characteristics common to all individuals.MMPI-2; NEO-PI-RWilhelm Wundt founded the first scholarly journal in the field of psychologyfalseCreated during World War I, the Army Alpha and Beta tests are considered precursors to ______today's most widely used measures of intelligenceThe ______ revolution took root in the 1950s, understanding mentally ill individuals as symptomatic of a flawed system.family systemsWhat is the most prominent way in which the WISC differentiated itself from the Stanford-Binet upon its release in 1949?The WISC included specific subtests as well as verbal and performance scales, while the Stanford-Binet yielded only an overall IQ.The founder of the York Retreat in England, ______ was one of the first individuals to establish a residential facility in which the mentally ill were treated with kindness, decency, and dignity.William TukeWhen Lightner Witmer told his colleagues in 1897 to "throw light upon the problems that confront humanity," he was encouraging them to ______.open and operate psychological clinics