NHA Quiz #1

A phlebotomy technician is preparing a collection for a CBC for a 7-month-old infant. Which if the following equipment will the technician need?
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A phlebotomy technician is performing a venipuncture for a lipid profile, WBC, and a clotting time test. Which of the following is the correct draw order?light blue, SST, lavender.A phlebotomy technician has three bar coded labels but has filled four tubes. The technician needs to create one more label for evacuated tubes. Which of the following information should the technician include in the label?Technicians initials, date, and time of collection.A patient sits down for a venipuncture in an outpatient setting, rolls up her sleeve, and extends her arm. The patient turns her head away from the phlebotomy technician and says "Idont want my blood drawn." Which of the following responses should the technician make to the patient?"May I draw your blood?"A phlebotomy technician is drawing blood through a hematoma. Which of the following errors should the technician expect to see in the specimen?Hemolysis.A phlebotomy technician is performing a venipuncture for a potassium test, CBC, and glucose test. The technician has left the tourniquet tied on the patient for 3 min. Which of the following outcomes should the technician expect?High potassium level.A phlebotomy technician is performing a venipuncture on a patient. When the technician inserts the needle, the vein collapes. Which of the following is a possible cause?Applying the tourniquet too tightly.A phlebotomy technician is performing a hand venipuncture on a 25-year-old patient who has small veins that are difficult to access. Which of the following equipment should the technician use to perform the procedure?23-gauge winged collection set.A phlebotomy technician is performing a dorsal venipuncture with the needle at a 15* angle, resulting in slow blood flow and the development of a hematoma. Which of the following should the technician identify as the cause of the hematoma?Needle completely through the vein.A phlebotomy technician is preparing equipment for a blood draw. The technician notices that one of the tubes on the tray is expired. Which of the following actions should the technician take to ensure accurate test results?Use a new tube from the front of the shelf.A phlebotomy technician is preparing to collect a variety of blood specimens. Which of the following specimens should the technician collect first?Blood culture.