Bible 3 unique lucan parables

The Widow at Zarephath and Naaman the Syrian are people Jesus healed in Luke. T or F
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The Roman centurion was an outsider because he was ___a gentile, a soldier, and a sinner.How did Jesus heal his (the roman centurion) servant?by saying so from a distanceWhat complement did Jesus pay him (the roman centurion)?he had great faithThe ten lepers were outside because ____Jewish theology, their health, and ethnicity.Jesus promised the penitent thief he would be with him in paradise. What's the background of the world, " paradise"?It was a babylonian originally and referred to the KIng's private gardenThe penitent thief's story is told in Matthew also. T or FFalseThe widow at Nain's experience is used by Luke to make her a symbolic figure of the____Brokenhearted, powerless, and a mirror of the O.T. miracle of Elijah's raising of the widow at Zarephath's son as a fulfillment of the messianic ministry.The "casket" or "hearse" Jesus touched to bring her son back to life was probably made of ___wickerWhat does the greek word for parable come from?parabole and paraballoWhat does the word parable mean?to throw alongsideAll of the parables are named as " parables" in the gospels. T or FFalseWhat particular type of parables are almost always easily understood in any culture?agricultural parablesA simple well used definition of a parable is " an earthly story with a ____ meaning."heavenlyWhat approximate percentage of Luke's material is not found in the other synoptics?50%The phrase " if the blind lead the blind both fall into the ditch" is an example of a minor parable. T or FTrueWhat is the appropriate interpretation of the Wineskin parable in Luke 5:36?Jesus' new teaching about himself and the kingdom of God would break old Judaism.What type of tree seems to occupy a prominent place in several minor parables and why?fig, it was a stapleWhy does Jesus use the mustard seed in the parable in 17:6?They thought it was the smallest seed, it grew quite large, and it speaks to the power of small faith.There are two sets of trilogy parables unique to Luke. What are their primary subjects?Banquets and LostnessJesus was at a banquet on the Sabbath when he told the banquet parables. T or FTrueLuke the physician tells us Jesus began buying these lessons by healing a man on the Sabbath who had "dropsy" and what did they believe caused it?heart failure- excessive fluids, caused by sexual immoralityIn Luke 14:7-11 Jesus saw guests " jockeying for position" to get the best seats at a banquet; He advised the guests to be seated in an unimportant seat. What is the point of the parable?HumilityAt the end of this parable, Jesus quotes a favorite maxim, also used in the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican. Complete his statement " the ____ will be exalted and the proud will be ___."humble, humbledIn Luke 14:16 Jesus told about a host and his invitations and r.s.v.p.'s What was different in their culture about wedding invitations that we need to know to better understand this parable?Wedding invitations announced all the details except exact timeIn Luke 14:12 Jesus offered instructions to the host ; He said not to issue invitations based on the principle of reciprocity, but to invite those who could never repay you. What is the point of this parable?generosityWhat is the point of this parable (wedding) and the excuses made?inclusivenessIn the closing of this parable, Jesus uses the phrase " my banquet". This is a messianic claim to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 25. T or FTrueWhat is the difference between this parable in Luke 14:12 and the similar parable in Matthew 22:1-10?Matthew's main character is a King and his sonA similar lost sheep parable is also found in Matthew. T or FTrueHow many sheep were safe in this story?99A hired shepherd would be held personally responsible for the value of the sheep if it were lost. T or FTrueVillages sometimes had communal herds of sheep with several shepherds and they were expert trackers. T or FTrueThe greek word used for repentance in Luke 15 is _____ and it means _____.Metanoeo, change of mindIn the second lost parables about the coin in Luke 15: 8-10 the lost coin is probably worth only ___; at the time it was a ____wages.25 or 50 cents, a days wagesWhat do scholars believe the lost coin represented?A wedding vow like our ringIn the story of the lost son how does Deuteronomy 21:17 define the division of assets between 2 brothers?older brother 2/3, younger brother 1/3.What is the difference between a slave and a hired man?Slave was a permanent servant, hired man was temporary. A hired man was used on a daily basis if he performed well and was needed.What does "far country" tell us?he was not in israelWhy does the father run to meet his son?He loved and missed his son, to walk with him through the moral gauntlet of the village elders, and he was prepared to forgive.To whom would a robe be given?an honored guestWhat does the ring equate to in our culture?credit cardWhat do the shoes signify?Family member as opposed to slaveWho does the older brother symbolize in the story?PhariseesThe arrangement of the three stories lost sheep, lost coin, and lost son are an example of what literary device?parallelism, climax, and contrastmy son was " dead, but is alive again" and was" lost, but now is found" is an example of what literary device?Parallelism and ContrastThe man to whom the story ( the good samaritan) is addresses wore a phylactery; what is it?leather bracelet with a small pouchWhat did the phylactery contain?important scriptures like the 10 commandments and the shema.What is the difference between a priest and a levite?Priest is a full time employee of the temple and a levite is a part time priestIf they touched a dead body how long would they be "unclean" and what would happen to them?7 days with no temple serviceWhen Jesus' listeners heard the story in their day they would have expected the samaritan to play what role in the story?the villainWhat is the epicurean motto or maxim?eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we dieWhat does the Latin word " Dives" mean?RichWhy is Lazarus so significant in the New Testament parables?He is the only named character in any N.T. parable.Why was purple so expenisve?Because it was harvested from many, many clams and the process was difficultHow often did the average person eat meat?once a weekHow did the wealthy clean up after a meal?by using a chunk of bread to wipe their hands and fingers cleanWhy was that ( cleaning up with a piece of bread) significant to Lazarus?he longed for the "crumbs" from under the tableLazarus, or the O.T. word Eleazar, means_____god is my helpDogs were Lazarus' tormentors not friends. T or FTrueAbraham's bosom denotes a place of ___honorWhat greek word is used only here in the N.T. as a synonym for gehenna, hell?hadesLazarus laying at the gate, looking into the rich man's table in life; and, Dives languishing in hell, looking at Lazarus in Abraham's bosom is an example of what literary device?mirroringWhy would a traveling friend commonly arrive late like at midnight?Because they would avoid traveling in the hot midday and travel when it was cooler.The host would be greatly disgraced in their culture if he did not amply meet the needs of his guests. T or FTrueThe neighbor had every right to refuse to help at so late an hour in their culture. T or FFalseThe parables of the friend at midnight and the unjust judge teach that the key to successful prayer is ____ _______.shameless persistence.In the story of the unjust judge, the judge is a roman. T or FTrueThese judges were generally known to solicit bribes and were called what?robber judgesThe literal translation of " blackeye" probably means the judge actually feared the widow would become physically violent. T or FFalse, it was in reference to his reputationThe unjust judge and the friend at midnight are unusual Lucan parables because they are not similitudes, but are ____.contrastsWhat did the justified publican pray in the temple.God be merciful to me the sinnerIn seeking to understand jesus parables about riches, interpret his statement that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for the rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.There was a gate to Jerusalem called the eye of the needle, in order for a camel with a load to pass through they would have to unload everything and then let the camel pass through. He was saying the rich man would have to unload his material possession in order to enter heaven.Compare the body language of the Pharisee and the publicanthe pharisee was standing and looking up to heaven with his hands up, while the publican was off to the side, he wouldn't look up and was smighting himself with his hands.Quote Romans 2:23" for the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. "Explain why Luke included the eight unique characters in his gospel that he did.They were all outsiders and underdogs -the grateful samaritan -the roman centurion -zaccheusExplain the parable of the wineskin.You can't put new wine in an old wineskin because the wineskin loses elasticity overtime and when the new wine ferments it would bust the old wineskin. Jesus was saying the his teachings and joy would not be contained by Jewish legalism.