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  1. digestion
  2. Can tissues exist by themselves?
  3. Absorption
  4. What is a multicellular organism?
  5. Besides tissues what else do multicellular organisms have?
  1. a a organism that consists of many cells
  2. b No, they depend on other tissues to supply them. ex muscle tissue depends on blood tissues to bring glucose etc.
  3. c transport of dissolved substances into cells to serve as energy or building blocks
  4. d They have organs
  5. e enzymatic breakdown of substances to obtain energy or building blocks

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  1. Systems eg nervous system, digestive system
  2. elimination of NONSOLUABLE waste from the cell
  3. No, cells are specialized in multicellluar organisms
  4. growth and maintenance of the cell
  5. Cell division, DNA can only control so much so cell division will occur after a limited amount of growth.

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  1. Does the size of the organism indicate the size of the cells?No. The parts of the organism not made of cells are composed of materials manufactured by cells. For example Chitin covers outside of insects body. It is not a cell but a carbohydrate made by the cell.


  2. What is a colonial organism?Unicellular


  3. reproductionformation of new cells.


  4. homeostasisability to maintain a steady state in the cell


  5. What is it called when some cells perform one function and another cell performs a different function?Cellular division of labor