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  1. secretion
  2. Do all cells perform all of the functions?
  3. What are organs?
  4. Robert Brown
  5. movement
  1. a movement of the cell itself (locomotion) or movement of substances and structures inside the cell (internal movement)
  2. b No, cells are specialized in multicellluar organisms
  3. c Discovered the NUCLEUS
  4. d synthesis and release of substances from the cell
  5. e Organs are tissues grouped together to perfrom a specific function for the organism.

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  1. elimination of NONSOLUABLE waste from the cell
  2. Excretion
  3. used the word PROTOPLASM to name all the materials within the cell
  4. No, the size determines the number of the cells. Elephant and Mice cells same size but elephants have more cells.
  5. ability to respond to external factors that affect the operations of the cell.

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  1. Absorptionremoval of SOLUABLE waste from the cell


  2. What are systems?Similar cells that are grouped together and perform similar functions.


  3. What are the results of cellular divisiona organism that consists of many cells


  4. What is a colonial organism?a collection of similar cells living together. Each cell could alone carry on the processes of a cell in the colonial organism. (except reproduction cells)


  5. Besides tissues what else do multicellular organisms have?a organism that consists of many cells


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