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  1. Absorption
  2. Protoplasm
  3. What are organs?
  4. egestion
  5. Irritability
  1. a transport of dissolved substances into cells to serve as energy or building blocks
  2. b ability to respond to external factors that affect the operations of the cell.
  3. c Organs are tissues grouped together to perfrom a specific function for the organism.
  4. d elimination of NONSOLUABLE waste from the cell
  5. e All living substances within a cell.

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  1. ability to maintain a steady state in the cell
  2. 1. slowdown synthesis of materials
    2. secrete certain synthesized materials
    3. divide
  3. Matthias SchLeiden discovered all pLants are composed of cells
    Theodore SchwAnn discovered all Animals are composed of cells.
    thus beginning the Cell Theory
  4. Absorption and Digestion
  5. No, they depend on other tissues to supply them. ex muscle tissue depends on blood tissues to bring glucose etc.

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  1. In cells biosynthesis of materials results in what?No. The parts of the organism not made of cells are composed of materials manufactured by cells. For example Chitin covers outside of insects body. It is not a cell but a carbohydrate made by the cell.


  2. What governs the maximum size a cell can attain?1. new organisms if unicellular
    2. more cells in the same organism
    3. sex cells - egg or sperm


  3. What are the 4 processes of life cells perform?1. Cells are the units that make up all living things
    2. Cells are the units that carry on all functions of all living things.
    3. Cells have to come from preexisting cells.


  4. movementmovement of the cell itself (locomotion) or movement of substances and structures inside the cell (internal movement)


  5. synthesisintegration of organic compounds from smaller units obtained from digestion and absorption. results in cell growth, secretion, or replacing worn out parts