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  1. What are the specific functions cells preform for Nutrition?
  2. Besides tissues what else do multicellular organisms have?
  3. What is a multicellular organism?
  4. secretion
  5. Excretion
  1. a They have organs
  2. b a organism that consists of many cells
  3. c Absorption and Digestion
  4. d removal of SOLUABLE waste from the cell
  5. e synthesis and release of substances from the cell

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  1. First to see what he thought to be "cells".
  2. All living substances within a cell.
  3. 1. slowdown synthesis of materials
    2. secrete certain synthesized materials
    3. divide
  4. 1 - DNA governs the size
    2 - The ratio btw the surface area of the cell and its volume. At a certain size the cell will need more nutients that can pass through the membrane.
  5. No, the size determines the number of the cells. Elephant and Mice cells same size but elephants have more cells.

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  1. How do cells hold together?The first thing he looked at was a thin slice of cork. He saw neat rows of little boxes and they looked like cells in a monastery so he named what he was looking at "cells".


  2. What was the beginning of the cell theory?1. Cells are the units that make up all living things
    2. Cells are the units that carry on all functions of all living things.
    3. Cells have to come from preexisting cells.


  3. Irritabilityability to respond to external factors that affect the operations of the cell.


  4. What are the three major categories of cell junctions?1. new organisms if unicellular
    2. more cells in the same organism
    3. sex cells - egg or sperm


  5. synthesissynthesis and release of substances from the cell