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  1. Absorption
  2. What is a one cell organism
  3. What is a multicellular organism?
  4. Robert Brown
  5. What governs the maximum size a cell can attain?
  1. a Unicellular
  2. b Discovered the NUCLEUS
  3. c a organism that consists of many cells
  4. d transport of dissolved substances into cells to serve as energy or building blocks
  5. e 1 - DNA governs the size
    2 - The ratio btw the surface area of the cell and its volume. At a certain size the cell will need more nutients that can pass through the membrane.

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  1. Cell junctions which are chemical interactions between the proteins in cell membranes of the adjacent cells.
  2. No, cells are specialized in multicellluar organisms
  3. ability to maintain a steady state in the cell
  4. enzymatic breakdown of substances to obtain energy or building blocks
  5. Yes, Cells perform the processes of life.

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  1. JE Purkinjebreakdown of food (usually glucose) with the release of energy


  2. Most multicelluar organisms are made up of what?Tissues


  3. Besides tissues what else do multicellular organisms have?a organism that consists of many cells


  4. What was the beginning of the cell theory?Matthias SchLeiden discovered all pLants are composed of cells
    Theodore SchwAnn discovered all Animals are composed of cells.
    thus beginning the Cell Theory


  5. What is a colonial organism?Unicellular