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  1. Besides tissues what else do multicellular organisms have?
  2. What are the specific functions cells perform for Continuing Existence?
  3. reproduction
  4. egestion
  5. homeostasis
  1. a They have organs
  2. b homeostasis
  3. c ability to maintain a steady state in the cell
  4. d formation of new cells.
  5. e elimination of NONSOLUABLE waste from the cell

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  1. Similar cells that are grouped together and perform similar functions.
  2. First to see what he thought to be "cells".
  3. used the word PROTOPLASM to name all the materials within the cell
  4. 1 - DNA governs the size
    2 - The ratio btw the surface area of the cell and its volume. At a certain size the cell will need more nutients that can pass through the membrane.
  5. Yes, Cells perform the processes of life.

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  1. Is all of an organism made of cells?The first thing he looked at was a thin slice of cork. He saw neat rows of little boxes and they looked like cells in a monastery so he named what he was looking at "cells".


  2. What are the results of cellular divisiona organism that consists of many cells


  3. Organization of Multicelluar organismscells - tissues - organs - sytems


  4. After a certain amount of growth what must occur?Cell division, DNA can only control so much so cell division will occur after a limited amount of growth.


  5. Excretionremoval of SOLUABLE waste from the cell