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  1. JE Purkinje
  2. What are systems?
  3. movement
  4. What was the beginning of the cell theory?
  5. In cells biosynthesis of materials results in what?
  1. a growth and maintenance of the cell
  2. b movement of the cell itself (locomotion) or movement of substances and structures inside the cell (internal movement)
  3. c groups of organs that work together to accomplish one life functions. digestive system - stomach - intestine - colon all together to accomplish Nutrition.
  4. d used the word PROTOPLASM to name all the materials within the cell
  5. e Matthias SchLeiden discovered all pLants are composed of cells
    Theodore SchwAnn discovered all Animals are composed of cells.
    thus beginning the Cell Theory

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  1. Cellular division of labor
  2. Unicellular
  3. a organism that consists of many cells
  4. Discovered the NUCLEUS
  5. ability to maintain a steady state in the cell

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  1. What are the specific functions cells perform for Continuing Existence?homeostasis


  2. Is all of an organism made of cells?No. The parts of the organism not made of cells are composed of materials manufactured by cells. For example Chitin covers outside of insects body. It is not a cell but a carbohydrate made by the cell.


  3. What are the three major categories of cell junctions?Tight, anchoring, and gap junctions


  4. secretionremoval of SOLUABLE waste from the cell


  5. egestionenzymatic breakdown of substances to obtain energy or building blocks