Chapter 14 Review Questions: Test #2

What do the vertebral arteries and veins pass through?
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What is the least common form of the thoracic outlet syndrome?vascularThe posterior cord of the brachial plexus splits into what two nerves?axillary and radialIn what shape is the cervical spine of a patient considered healthy?lordotic curveA congenital or acquired spasm of the sternocleidomastoid muscle that causes rotation of the chin opposite the side of the tilt is commonly referred to as what condition?torticollisWhich method is more reliable in determining cervical ROM?inclinometer measurementIn what position should a patient be when performing goniometry for cervical flexion and extension?seatedWhich statement is FALSE concerning cervical intervertebral discs?The disc structure is the same as in the lumbar region.Which muscle group sits deep and lateral to the semispinalis group?Longissimus capitis and longissimus cervicisWhich of the following is FALSE?Lymph nodes are palpable beneath the mandible and within the scalenes.Research has shown that the upper limb tension test (ULTT) only demonstrates adequate results for which nerve?medianWhich of the following does not represent a musculoskeletal finding of someone with Marfan syndrome?Low arched palateWhich of the following occurs when blebs rupture and allow air to leak into the pleural cavity?Spontaneous pneumothoraxWhich is not correct when conducting the vertebral artery test?the examiner passively flexes the cervical spine.Which represents the correct beginning testing maneuver for the Spurling test?passive extensionWhich is not a primary mover for cervical flexion?Rectus capitis anteriorWhat is the superior section of the sternum anatomically known as?the manubriumWhat are ribs 8 through 10, which articulate with the sternum through the conjoined costal cartilage, known as?false ribsWhich nerve does the diaphragm innervate with?phrenic nerveThe spleen is located on the left side of the body, partially under which ribs?9 through 11Injury to what organ is indicated by pain referred to the left shoulder, also known as Kehr's sign?spleenExcruciating, deep thoracic pain that develops in the middle and upper back is the most distinctive early sign of which condition?Aortic AneurysmWhat is the typical cause of death that is associated with Marfan syndrome?cardiac arrestWhich of the lateral and anterior portions of ribs are the most commonly fractured?5 through 9Which ribs are false ribs?8,9, and 10What is inflamed if one of your athletes has mononucleosis?ispleenWhich of the following statements is true concerning the ribs?The upper two ribs are protected by the clavicle and the pectoralis major.Which of the following statements is FALSE?A tension pneumothorax occurs when blood enters the pleural cavity and cannot exit.The onset of commotio cordis is influenced by all of the following factors. Which of these is most crucial?timing of impactWhat is the survival rate for commotio cordis if an external defibrillator and CPR are used within 3 minutes?25%Which of the following is not a typical indication of a positive cervical compression test?thoracic outlet syndrome