Social studies 5th grade chapter 5

Social studies 5th grade chapter 5
Why did the English want colonies in North America?
They wanted to find gold and other resources.
Where was the first English colony?
Roanoke Island
What happened that greatly angered the Spanish?
Francis Drake raided Spanish ships
What type of government was established in Jamestown?
How did the Jamestown settlers avoid starvation?
They farmed the land and dug wells for water.
What colonies did the French found as a result of searching for the Norwest Passage?
Quebec and Montreal
What contributed most to the growth and success of Quebec?
trading beaver fur
What river did the Dutch take control of as a result of searching for the Northwest Passage?
How do you best summarize whu the Pilgrims chose to leave their homeland?
To practice their religious beliefs
Why did the Pilgrims go to Plymouth?
A storm blew their ship off course.
What were some of the difficulties the Pilgrims faced at Plymouth?
winter, disease, hunger
What group helped the Pilgrims survive at Plymouth Colony?
The Wampanoag
Why did the Puritans send a small group of colonists ahead of the others?
to get a colony started for the others
Which region had the longest growing season?
Southern Colonies
What made one New England colony different from another?
different religious beliefs
What happened to dissenters of Puritan rules in Massachusettes?
They were forced to leave their colony.
How did many of the Middle and Southern Colonies get started?
King Charles II gave away large plots of land.
What events led to the disappearance of the colony at Roanoke Island?
The colony was founded. John White returned to Englad for more supplies when they ran out. England and Spain went to war so he could not return for three years. When he came back, he found that the colonists had all disappeared.
Why was tobacco important to Jamestown?
Jamestown was founded by merchants who wanted to make money. Tobacco was a cash crop. It was grown for profit.
What was the result of Europeans' search for the Northwest Passage?
The French and the Dutch instead discovered rivers and founded successful colonies.
How did the Dutch plan the growth of New Amsterdam?
They encouraged people from many countries to settle there so that lots of people would move to the colony.
Why did the Pilgrims celebrate Thanksgiving, and why did they invited the Wampanoag to celebrate with them?
The Wampanoag showed the Pilgrims how to plant and where to hunt and fish. After the first successful harvest, the Pilgrims wanted to celebrate their success and show their appreciation for the Wampanoag's help the first year.
How were the Puritans similar to the Pilgrims?
Both were persecuted for religious reasons in England, wanted to change the Church of England, sailed north to America, and started their own colonies.
Why were the New England colonies of Rhode Island and Connecticut founded?
They were founded by people looking for greater freedom-religious in Massa chusetts and both religious and political in Connecticut.
What was the importance of the location of the Georgia colony?
Georgia was located between the Carolinas and Florida. The Carolinas were English and Florida was Spanish. Because England and Spain were rivals, Georgia helped protect other English colonies from possible Spanish attacks.