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  1. makes copies of viral DNA
  2. Organisms that can mate and produce fertile offspring belong to the same ____________
  3. needs a place to live, food source, and water
  4. makes proteins, attached to Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
  5. have one cell, perform all life functins
  1. a species
  2. b organism
  3. c host cell
  4. d one celled organisms
  5. e ribosome

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  1. latent virus is inactive and does not immediately destroy the host cell. Active virus does immediately destroy the host cell.
  2. latent virus
  3. cell wall
  4. Plant cells make up plants, animal cells make up animals, plant cells contain chloroplasts and a cell all, animal cells lack those.
  5. One celled organisms have one cell that perform all life functions. Many celled orgamisms have many cells and the cells depend on each other.

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  1. When an organism regulates it's internal environment it is ________maintaining homeostasis


  2. Your heart is an example of a(n)chloroplast


  3. Compare and contrast prokayrotic cells and eukaryotic cells.Prokaryotic are found in single celled organisms, lack a nucleus, and other membrane-based organelles. Eukaryotic are protists, fungi, plant, and animal cells, have a nucleus, and other membrane-based organelles.


  4. The smallest group in the classification system used today is called a ________species


  5. make up plants, contain chloroplasts, have cell wallanimal cells