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  1. compare and contrast a latent virus with an active virus.
  2. process materials and move them around in the cell
  3. all of these are characteristics of living things except
  4. All of these are wasy to prevent viral infections except
  5. The smallest group in the classification system used today is called a ________
  1. a endoplasmic reticulum
  2. b movement
  3. c antibiotics
  4. d species
  5. e latent virus is inactive and does not immediately destroy the host cell. Active virus does immediately destroy the host cell.

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  1. organism
  2. Plant cells make up plants, animal cells make up animals, plant cells contain chloroplasts and a cell all, animal cells lack those.
  3. latent virus
  4. chloroplast
  5. interferons

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  1. make up plants, contain chloroplasts, have cell wallanimal cells


  2. makes copies of viral DNAhost cell


  3. protists, fungi, plant and animal cells have a nucleus and other membrane bound organellesprokaryotic cells


  4. where energy is released when food is broken down into carbon dioxide and watermitochondrian


  5. have one cell, perform all life functinsnucleus