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  1. When you receive a vaccine your body produces _____to help fight infection
  2. makes proteins, attached to Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
  3. All of these are wasy to prevent viral infections except
  4. all of these are characteristics of living things except
  5. have one cell, perform all life functins
  1. a interferons
  2. b antibiotics
  3. c one celled organisms
  4. d movement
  5. e ribosome

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  1. host cell
  2. organ
  3. destroys the host cell immediately.
  4. mitochondrian
  5. species

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  1. compare and contrast a latent virus with an active virus.Plant cells make up plants, animal cells make up animals, plant cells contain chloroplasts and a cell all, animal cells lack those.


  2. made up of many cells, cells depend on each othermany celled organisms


  3. process materials and move them around in the cellGolgi body


  4. sorts and packages materials and moves them out of the cellGolgi body


  5. does immediately destroy it's host cell, causes the host to produce new viruses like itselfactive virus