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  1. uses light energy to make sugar
  2. constantly flows inside the cell
  3. make up animals, do not contain chloroplasts or a cell wall
  4. does immediately destroy it's host cell, causes the host to produce new viruses like itself
  5. make up plants, contain chloroplasts, have cell wall
  1. a chloroplast
  2. b cytoplasm
  3. c animal cells
  4. d plant cells
  5. e active virus

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  1. mitochondrian
  2. endoplasmic reticulum
  3. species
  4. tissue
  5. antibiotics

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  1. have one cell, perform all life functinsone celled organisms


  2. tells how an organism has changed over timePhylogeny


  3. inactive, does not immediately destroy it's host cellcytoplasm


  4. all of these are characteristics of living things exceptantibiotics


  5. protists, fungi, plant and animal cells have a nucleus and other membrane bound organelleseukaryotic cells