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Marilyn's notes


is a spreadsheet program. A spreadsheet is a grid of rows and columns in which you enter text, numbers, and the results of calculations When you start Excel the programs starts with three blank worksheets-Sheet 1, Sheet 2, and Sheet 3. The name of the worksheet appears on the worksheet tab


One spreadsheet in a workbook.


A collection of related worksheets.

Name Box--

A box on the spreadsheet (just below the toolbar) that contains the cell reference for the active cell.

Formula Bar--

A box on the spreadsheet (just below the toolbar) that contains the formula or data contained in the active cell.


The intersection of a row or column...

Active Cell--

The cell that is highlighted. This cell address shows up in the name box.

Cell Address--

The designation for a cell (for example: A5 or C17).


A horizontal line of data that is identified by a number on the left side.


A vertical line of data that is identified by a letter at the top.

Go To Command—

the fastest way to move to a particular cell


A set of adjoining highlighted cells (for example: B5:B18)

Find --

locates data in a worksheet.

Replace substitutes --

new data for the found data

Zooming --

magnifies or reduces the view of the worksheet

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