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in a mineral the constituent atoms are bonded in a regular, internal structure, a rock is a lithified or consolidated aggregate of different mineral grains

what best defines a mineral and rock


what word doesnt fit: electron,atom,proton,neutron


what word doesnt fit: quartz,olivine,feldspar,calcite


mohs hardness scale is a relative measure of which physical property of minerals


4 sided ball diagram


what physical property denotes the color of a powered mineral


the physical property denoting a minerals tendency to crack along parallel, planar surfaces


what is the hardest mineral known


a compound is a stable chemical substance composed of two or more

conchoidal fracture

most glasses and some mineral exhibit a type of fracture characterized by nested and curved crack surfaces. what term describes this property


what is the smallest particle of matter that exhibits and defines the distinctive chemical characteristics of the individual elements


an aggregate of two or more minerals is called an


the central region of an atom is called the

oxygen, silicon

the two most abundant elements found in Earth's crust are ______ and __________


which one doesnt fit: oxygen, sulfur, aluminum, iron


which of the following is NOT a fundamental particle found in atoms

protons in the nucleus

atoms of the same element, zinc for example, have the same number of


atoms that have an electrical charge due a gain or loss of electrons are called

the atoms have different numbers of protons and the same number of neutrons

which of the following is correct for isotopes of the same element


which carbonate mineral reacts readily with cool, dilute hydrochloric acid to produce visible bubbles of carbon dioxide gas


which common mineral is composed entirely of silicon and oxygen


which of the following minerals is a sillicate

gold has a density and specific gravity than quartz and olivine

a cubic centimeter of quartz, olivine, and gold weighs 2.5,3.0, and 19.8 grams respectively. This indicates that


which one of the following mineral groups exhibits a sheet like silicate structure


the resistance of a mineral to abrasion is known as

silicon, oxygen

all sillicate minerals contain which two elements


which mienral is easily soluble in water at room temp. conditions


what element is the most abundant in the Earth's crust by weight


the strong tendency of certain minerals to break along smooth, parallel planes is known as


an atom's mass number is 13 and its atomic number is 6. how many neutrons are in its nucleus

they can be a liquid, solid, or gas

which one of the following is NOT true for minerals?


which group of minerals are the most abundant in the Earth's crust


which the following denotes the positively charged particles in an atom's nucleus


which of the following has the highest specific gravity


which of the following describes the light reflecting and transmission characteristics of a mineral


the most unreliable (variable) diagnostic property of minerals such as quartz is


which of the following is NOT one of the eight most common elements in the Earth's crust

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