13 terms

legal and ethical terms

failure of a professional to use a degree of skill and learning commonly expected in that individuals profession.
failure to give care that is expected of a person in common practice that results in injury.
attempt to injure.
unlawful touching without consent.
Failure to obtain informed consent
not getting the permission granted voluntarily by a person who is of sound mind after the procedure and all risks involved have been explained in terms that the person can understand.
False imprisonment
refers to restraining an individual or restricting an individuals freedom.
Physical abuse
involves hitting, forcing people against their will, restraining movement, depriving people of food or H2O or not providing physical care.
Verbal abuse
speaking harshly, swearing, or shouting, using inappropriate words to describe a persons race or nationality, and or writing threats or abusive statements.
Psychological abuse
threating harm, denying rights, belittling, intimidating, ridiculing, or threating to reveal information about that person.
Sexual abuse
unwanted sexual touching or act, using sexual gestures and or suggesting sexual behavior.
occurs when false statements either cause a person to be ridiculed or a persons reputation is damaged.
spoken defamation.
written defamation.