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Using Comma Rules 1-6

Comma Rule #1
Use a comma and a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or nor, for, yet) to join two

simple sentences.

Comma Rule #2
Use a single comma to indicate that a word or words have been omitted, or to avoid a possible


Use single commas to separate three or more items in a


Use single commas

to separate two or more adjectives preceding a noun.

Comma Rule #3
Use a pair of commas to

indicate a nonessential element in a sentence.

Use a pair of commas to set off

nonessential appositives and appositive phrases.

An appositive is

a word that follows a noun and explains or identifies that noun.

An appositive phrase is

an appositive plus its modifiers.

If the appositive is short and closely connected to the noun it follows,

omit the commas.

Use a pair of commas to set off words used in

direct address.

Use a pair of commas to set off words well, yes, no or why when

they are nonessential.

When using words well, yes, no, or why at the beginning of a sentence, you use

only the second half of the pair of commas.

Use a pair of commas to set off parenthetical expressions such as

of course, in fact, as a matter of fact, on the other hand, in my opinion, and in reality.

Use a single comma to set off

introductory modifying phrases.

Comma Rule #4
Do not use a comma after an introductory adverb phrase that comes immediately before the

verb it modifies.

Sometimes good writers will omit the comma after a short introductory phrase if there is no possibility of

a misreading, but in this class (GC) you should follow the comma rule #4.

Comma Rule #5
Use commas to

separate the parts of dates and addresses within sentences.

Do not use a comma between the month and the day or

between the state and the ZIP code.

Comma Rule #6
Use a comma after the salutation of a

friendly letter, and after the closing of all letters.

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