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A system in which power is divided between the national & state governments

Expressed Powers

Powers directly stated in the constitution

Implied Powers

Powers that the government requires to carry out the expressed constitutional powers

Inherent Powers

Powers that the national government may exercise simply because it is a government. Example: To regulate immigration

Supremacy Clause

States the constitution & Laws, & Treaties passes by Congress shall be the supreme law of the land.

Concurrent Powers

Are those powers that both the national government and the states have.

Enabling Act

Allows the people of the territory interested in becoming a state to prepare a constitution

McCullach vs Maryland

Supreme Court ruled on a conflict between a state government and the national government. In making the decision, the Supreme Court ruled the in the instance of a conflict between the national government and a state government, the National government is supreme.


To return to a state --- criminals and fugitives who flee across state lines to escape justice.

Interstate Compact

A written agreement between two or more states.


A requirement set by congress that prohibits a local or state government from exercising a certain power


A federal order requiring states to provide a service or activity that meets national standards set by Congress

Sunshine Law

1967 Florida passed this - prohibiting public officials from holding closed meetings

Sunset Laws

Pioneered by Colorado, these laws require periodic checks of government agencies to see if they are still needed


Orginization of government administrators, to carry out legislation

Full Faith and Credit

Each state must recognize the laws and legal proceedings of the other states.

Federal Grants

Sums of money given tostate or local governments to be spent for a variety of specific purposes

Income Tax

Levied on individual earnings, has become the major source of income for the national government

Public Policy

The course of action a government takes in response to some issue or problem.

Denied Powers

Article I sec. 9, enumerates those things the national government cannot do.

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