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When and where does this story begin?

the summer of 1768 in the Maine Territory

What happened to Attean's father and mother?

his mother was killed for no reason by a white man. His father went to search for his wife's killer and never returned

What things did Matt's father give him before leaving?

he receives his father's rifle and his grandfather's watch

What advice did Matt's father give him about the Indians?

He told him to be extremely polite to them - he was to treat them with respect and speak to them like he would the Reverend

Who is Matt's first visitor?

Ben - a complete stranger who makes Matt feel uncomfortable - Matt is unsure of him and even afraid he could be a murderer

When does Ben leave?

he sneaks out in the middle of the night after Matt fell asleep and took Matt's rifle

What did Matt's father tell him about bees?

they are better to be left alone

Why did Matt climb the tree and what happened?

he wanted some honey, but he was attacked by the bees

What is formed between Saknis and Matt?

a treaty

What does Saknis do for Matt and what does Matt do for Saknis?

Matt teaches Attean to read and Sakinis brings food to Matt

Who provided Matt with help after he was stung?

Worker bees stung Matt, but Saknis removed the stingers from his body to decrease the amount of venom that was released into Matt's body

What were the only books Matt had to teach Attean to read?

the Bible and Robinson Crusoe

Does Attean appreciate the reading lessons?

no he does not like them at all

At first Attean enjoys listening to Robinson Crusoe. Why does he get upset?

in the story, the natives became the slaves of Robinson Crusoe

What is the "Sign of the Beaver?"

mark made by Attean's tribe to show their hunting grounds - used to mark off their territory

Why would it be easy to follow Matt's father's trail but not Attean's?

his father's trail was made with slashes on trees to show the direction he had taken, but Attean would break a branch or position a stone a certain way - his trail would be very difficult to follow

How and why does the white man hunt?

uses steel traps and guns to trap animals for their furs - not usually for food

How and why does the Indian hunt?

with arrows, snares, and guns to kill only the animals they will eat and use for clothing - every part of the animal is used - they waste nothing

Why does Attean leave the fox in the metal trap?

it is on another tribe's land

After Matt finishes Robinson Crusoe, what stories does he tell?

stories from the Bible such as David and Goliath

How does Matt help to save himself and Attean from the bear?

he swings a dead rabbit and the angry bear's face giving Attean enough time to point and shoot an arrow at the bear

Why do the boys leave the bear their?

it was considered women's work - they left it for the women to go and get it

What does Matt feel is important about Attean?

he must earn his respect

Why did Matt go to Attean's village without being invited?

he went because the dog was stuck in a trap

Who help's Matt with the dog in the trap?

Marie - Attean's sister is able to help Matt

Why was it important for Matt to rescue the dog?

he knew how much Attean cared for it

To whom does Matt lose his shirt and why?

to an indian boy - he had played a game with him and lost - the winner got the shirt

What important event took place for Attean's tribe every fall?

this is when they went hunting

What is "manitou?"

a spirit an Indian boy must find himself before he can take his place in his tribe as a man and a hunter - this can come to him as an animal or plant in a dream - can even be heard as a voice

What changes does Matt notice in Attean after he found his manitou?

his hair is different as his scalp is now bare except for a single patch the ran from his forehead and was braided with a red string - also he appeard to walk taller - his posture was different - and now he had a gun

How does Matt finally earn Attean's respect?

he is able to follow the signs and find his way through the forest - he now moved through the forest like an Indian

What gift did Sakinis give Matt?

some snow boots

Why was the tribe leaving and where were they going?

they were headed west in search of new hunting grounds

What special gift does Matt give Attean?

he gives him his grandfather's watch

What does Attean leave with Matt as a sign of their friendship?

the dog

What must Matt do to prepare for the coming winter?

he needed to trap animals and gather food, he made himself some pants, he put moss inside he shoes, and he prepared gifts for his family once they returned

What did Matt make for his mother?

some dishes and a cradle for the new baby

What did Matt make for Sarah?

a new doll

Who had been the real teacher?

Attean because he taught Matt how to survive living off the land as the Indians do

How does Attean become a man?

by himself as he cleanses his body inside and outside, spends time alone in the forest, sings and prays the ancient songs and prayers of his people, fasts, and finds his manitou

How does Matt become a man?

he survived in the wilderness and provided for his family

What caused Attean and Saknis to meet Matt?

Matt was stung by bees while trying to get honey

Why does Attean's grandmother change her opinion about Matt?

he did all he could to save Attean's dog

What offer does Saknis make Attean before they leave for the hunt?

for Matt to join their tribe as Attean's white brother

What does Matt do to finally earn Attean's respect?

he refuses to go with the tribe and stays at the cabin to fulfill his promise and obligation to his family even though it is possible they may not return - this showed that his love and need for his own family was more important to him than his own safety and comfort

How did Attean's grandfather feel about the white man?

he knew that the Indians must learn to live with the white man

How did Attean's granmother feel about all white men at first?

she hated all of them because of what happened to Attean's parents

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