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  1. recharge zone
  2. tributary
  3. floodpain
  4. watershed
  5. stalagmites
  1. a area along a river that forms sediments deposited when the river overflows its banks
  2. b water that falls to the cave's floor adds to cone-shaped features
  3. c area in which water travels downward to become part of an aquifer
  4. d stream that flows into a lake or into a larger stream
  5. e area of land that is drained by a water system; drainage basin

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  1. takes place when water from the oceans and earth's surface changes into water vapor
  2. the downward movement of water through pores and other spaces in soil due to gravity
  3. percentage of the total volume of a rock or sediment that consists of open spaces
  4. the continuous movement of water from the ocean to the atmosphere to the land and back to the ocean
  5. pollution that comes from a specific site

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  1. frictionthe process by which wind, water, ice or gravity transports soil and sediment from one location to another


  2. artesian springspring whose water flows from crack in the cap rock over the aquifer


  3. condensationtakes place when water vapor cools and changes into water droplets that form clouds in the atomosphere. water loses energy during condensation


  4. turbiditymeasure of the concentration of particles suspended in water


  5. sewage treatment plantfacility that cleans the waste materials found in water that comes from sewers or drains