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mice, rats, hampsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets

small mammals

fancy mice

most common kind of mouse


smaller than rats, nocturnal, short life span

faw, coffee, beige, creame, silver, siamese, dutch variegated

colors of mice

hairless, long hair, satin, frizzle (rex)

hair textures of mice


intelligent, laugh, long life than mice

rex, tailless, hairless

kinds of rats

hooded, self, irish/berkshire

colors of rats

syrian, dwarf, chinese

types of hampsters


pseudohibernate, very active, escape artisit


awake during day, burrow tunnels and wheel, dont like to be handled, clean and orderless


most common type of gerbils

guinea pig

1st rodent to be domesticated, no tails, rarely bit, alot more messy,

american, abyssinia, peruvian

breeds of guinea pigs


many breeds, can spay and neuter, and litter train them

netherland dwarf, holland lop, mini rex, dutch, and flemish giant

breeds of rabbits


carnivores, usually gentle, clean, house break, musky order

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