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Is the gluteal region functionally part of the trunk or part of the lower limb?
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What are the superficial muscles of the gluteal region?Gluteus maximus Gluteus medius Gluteus minius Tensor fascia LataeWhat are the deep muscles of the gluteal region?Piriformis Superior gemellus Inferior gemellus Obturator internus Quadratus internsGreater sciatic foramenPassage way for structures entering or leaving the pelvisLesser sciatic foramenPassageway for structures entering or leaving the perineumWhat are the 3 bursa of the gluteal region?Trochanteric bursa Ischial bursa Gluteofemoral bursaWhere is the trochanteric bursa located?Between superior fibers of gluteus Maximus and greater trochanterWhere is the ischial bursa located?Between inferior part of gluteus Maximus from ischial tuberosityWhere is the gluteofemoral bursa located?Between the iliotibial tract and the Proximal attachments of vastus lateralsList the terminal branches of the common iliac arteryInternal ExternalWhich muscle is innervated by the inferior gluteal nerve?Gluteus maximusWhich muscles are innervated by the superior gluteal nerve?Glutes medius Gluteus minimus Tensor fascia lataWhy is the tensor fasciae latae considered a gluteal muscle even though it's situated in the anterolateral thigh?Because of its innervation and blood supply from gluteal nerves and arteries·List the structures that emerge from the pelvic cavity via the greater sciatic foramen1.Superio gluteal artery & nerve 2. Inferior gluteal artery & nerve 3. Sciatic nerve 4. Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve 5. Nerve to quadratus femoris muscle 6. Piriformis muscleList the structures that emerge from the pelvic cavity through the greater sciatic foramen, but re-enter the pelvic cavity through the lesser sciatic foramen1. Puedendal nerve 2. Internal pudendal artery and vein 3.Nerve to obturator internusDescribe how the iliac crests remain level when you're standing on one footThe gluteus medius and the minimus both contract on the supported side. The contraction of these muscles pull the iliac blade toward their insertion on the ipsilateral side.Describe the appearance of the Trendelenburg's sign:The dropping of the pelvis on the unsupported side when standing on one legWhich muscles would you expect to be weak with Trendelenburg's sign?Glutues medius and minimusWhich nerve is most likely to be injured in Trendelenburg's sign ?Superior gluteal nerveWhich spinal level is involved in Trendelenburg's sign?L5 mainlyA which vertebral level might a herniated disc cause Trendelenburg's sign?L5What muscles does the superior gluteal artery supply?Gluteus maximus Gluteus medius Gluteus minimus Tensor fascia lata PiriformisWhat muscles does the inferior gluteal arty supply?Gluteus maximus Obturator internus Quadratus femoris Superior gemellus Inferior Gemellus PiriformisWhat spinal levels is the sciatic nerve?L4-S3Where is the trochanteric fossa? Where is the greater trochanter? Where is the intertrochanteric line Where is the quadrate tubercle? Where is the intertrochanteric crest? Where is the spiral line? Where is the linear aspera? Where is the gluteal tuberosity? Where is the pectoral line?Where is the anterior superior iliac spine? Where is the anterior inferior iliac spine? Where is the iliac tuberosity? Where is the auricular surface? Where is the posterior superior iliac spine? Where is the posterior inferior iliac spine? Where is the iliac fossa? Where is the body of the ischium? Where is the ischiopubic ramus? Where is the ramus of ischium? Where is the inferior ramus of pubis? Where is the greater sciatic notch? Where is the lesser sciatic notch? Where is the obturator foramen? Where is the iliac crest? Where is the symphysial surface? Where is the ischial tuberosity? Where is the anterior, posterior, and inferior gluteal lines? Where is the ischial spine? Where is the acetabulum? Where is the ala of ilium? Where is the tubercle of the iliac crest? Where is the pubis? Where is the acetabular notch?T/F the female pubic arch is greater than 80°TrueT/F the male pubic arch is less than 70°True