Which is not an element of informed consent?

Treatment and diagnosis must be described in clear language.
Consent must be given freely.
The patient has a right to ask questions and have them answered.
The dentist must present a single treatment plan with no alternatives.
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The clinical assistant records information in a patient's clinical record regarding treatment she assisted for after treatment is complete. Later, litigation is brought against the dentist for the rendered treatment. The clinical assistant is asked to testify. Which term describes the clinical assistant's role in the litigation?

Fact witness
Expert witness
A clinical dental assistant is hired in the practice. The dentist indicates that this person is to place an intracoronal provisional restoration. The person knows how to perform the task but does not yet have the RDA credential required to perform the specific intraoral task. What should you suggest to her when she asks you what she should do?

Perform the task now but later tell the dentist that she does not have the appropriate credential.
Perform the task with the self-assurance that she will soon have her credential.
Inform the dentist that she does not yet have the appropriate credential to perform the task.
Do what the dentist told her to do.
Data entered into a row or column in an electronic spreadsheet are known as: equations. units. gigabytes. cells.cellsWhich is a portable data storage device? Calculator Central processing unit (CPU) Scanner Flash driveflash driveComputers are used in ___ of dental offices. 90% 60% 75% 80%90A ___ is equivalent to one character of text. kilobyte megabyte gigabyte bytebyteWhich is a program that directs a computer to perform a task? Internet Hardware Database SoftwaresoftwareWhich portion of the practice software program handles the submission of dental claims? Transaction entry screen Day sheet report Daily appointment screen Claim transaction windowClaim transaction windowThe act of doing something that a reasonably prudent person would not do or not doing something that a reasonably prudent person would do is: negligence. abandonment. defamation of character. fraud.negligence.Which sets guidelines for dental licensure and identifies the criteria by which a license may be revoked or suspended? National Practitioner Data Bank Standard of care Americans with Disabilities Act Dental Practice Actdental practice actWhich term(s) defines the process by which an entity or educational program is evaluated and recognized by an outside agency for having attained a predetermined set of standards? Accreditation Licensure Standard of care CredentialingaccreditationA patient is consistently late and fails to keep appointments without advance notice to the practice. The dentist gets fed up and refuses to treat the patient anymore. What charges could be brought against the dentist? Abandonment Noncompliance Malpractice AssaultabandonmentWhich group is responsible for establishing rules and regulations that govern the practice of dentistry within each state? American Dental Association State board of dentistry Dental Assisting National Board Commission on Dental Accreditationstate board of dentistry