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Reading: Unit 1 Crossing Borders

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border (n)
the line between two countries
feature (n)
an important, noticeable part of something
area (n)
a place
recent (adj)
not too long ago
purpose (n)
the reason
agree (v)
to share an opinion; to think the same way about something
prevent (v)
to stop from happening
suddenly (adv)
something happens now; all of a sudden
official (n)
someone who works in an organization such as the government
major (adj)
very important
resource (n)
something valuable that a person or country has
physical (adj)
real things that you can see and touch
brief (adj)
a short time
identification (n)
a way to show who you are, e.g. a driver's license
require (v)
need; must do
technology (n)
the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, e.g. computer technology
unique (adj)
special; rare