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AP Bio: Origin of Life

Big Bang Theory
all matter was concentrated in 1 mass- 13.75 billion years ago
-made up of hydrogen and helium (99%)
Formed 4.57 billion years ago
Conditions of the early atmosphere
hydrogen, nitrogen gas, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide. (small amounts: hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia). NOTE: OXYGEN WAS NOT PRESENT
Reducing Atmosphere
-no oxygen is present. 1920's, Oparin and Haldane theorize that reducing atmosphere+free energy= organic molecules
Miller and Urey
1950s, experiment where an artificial system was constructed which contained an ocean, and atmosphere. They then introduced the gases and energy. NO CELL WAS CREATED
Sidney Fox
heating a dry mixture of amino acids at 60 degrees C, produced proteinoids
protein-like molecules
abiotically (nonliving) produced molecules that are able to maintain an internal environment different from their surroundings. show properties of metabolism, self replication. SELECTIVELY PERMEABLE
Chemical selection
Early protobionts were abundant, until raw materials became scarce, and only STABLE protobionts were favored.
domes of sediment formed by bacteria 3.5 billion years old. (early evidence of life)
Heterotroph hypothesis
heterotrophs came first because their was an abundance of raw materials available in the environment to support them.
Pangea (+ subgroups)
one large land mass (4 billion years ago). Gondawanaland-southern hemisphere and India. Laurasia- northern hemisphere