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Which of the following is consistent with the idea of localization of function?

specific areas of the brain serve a different function

brain areas are specialized for specific functions

neurons in different areas of the brain respond best to
different stimuli

all of these
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the likelihood principle states that

we perceive what's most likely to cause the stimuli pattern we received

we perceive size as remaining the same even when the distance changes

it is easier to perceive vertical and horizontal orientations

feature detectors are likely to create a clear perception of an object
The results of Gauthier's "Greeble" experiment illustrate

Neurons that respond to faces are present in our brains at birth

Training apes to detect various objects can change the neuronal firing rate

an effect of experience-dependent plasticity

Our nervous systems remain fairly stable in different environments
Iacoboni found that mirror neurons fire with goal videos more than non-goal videos, which suggests the mirror neuron

area is involved with realizing the intention of actions.

fires in response to a person reaching for food

fires when seeing a person pick up a cup

the same rate whether viewing a film with inferred action vs no inference
Dichotic listening occurs when the same message is presented to the left and right ears different messages are presented to the left and right ears a message is presented to one ear, with a masking noise to the other ear They listen to a message and look for a visual stimulus at the same timedifferent messages are presented to the left and right earsThe "filter model" proposes that the filter identifies the attended message based on meaning modality physical characteristics higher order characteristicsphysical characteristicsAccording to Treisman's attenuator, it's most likely that the attenuator analyzes the many incoming messages based on physical characteristics language meaning directionmeaningThe use of a machine that tracks the movement of one's eyes can help reveal the shifting of one's ____ attention overt covert divided dichoticovertWhich of the following statements concerning the "100-car naturalistic driving study" is true? Only audio recordings were taken from the drivers while they were driving. Pushing buttons on a cell phone was the least distracting activity. Most drivers were inattentive during the three seconds before a crash. Male drivers were far less attentive than female drivers3 seconds before the crashAccording to Treisman's feature integration theory, the first stage of perception is called the ____ stage feature analysis focused attention preattentive letter analysispreattentiveIn Simon's and Chabris's "inattentional blindness" experiment, many participants missed the gorilla because the gorilla was in motion, just like the players the gorilla was the same color as the floor participants were counting the number of ball passes participants were not asked if they say anything unusualparticipants were counting the number of ball passesThe founder of the first laboratory of scientific psychology was Franciscus Donders Hermann von Helmholtz Wilhelm Wundt J. R. StroopwundtThe main point of the Donders' reaction time experiments was to show that reaction times can be measured accurately measure the amount of time it takes to make a decision determine differences in the way people react to stimuli show that our cognitions are often based on unconscious inferencesmeasure the amount of time it takes to make a decisionJohn Watson and the behaviorist movement believed that psychology should focus on the study of observable behavior mental processes consciousness attentionobservable behaviorA mental conception of the layout of a physical space is known as a(n) cognitive map mental model artificial intelligence memory consolidationcognitive mapWhich of these was one of the two issues that John Watson had with analytic introspection? It relied too heavily on behavioral evidence. It produced variable results per person It involved the use of Skinner boxes The testing procedures had to be followed preciselyIt produced variable results per personWho introduced the flow diagram to represent what is happening in the mind? Donald Broadbent Colin Cherry Newell and Simon Wilhelm WundtDonald BroadbentThe key structural components of neurons are cell body, dendrites, and transmitters axon, dendrites, and modules cell body, dendrites, and axon nodes, dendrites, and axoncell body, dendrites, and axonIf the intensity of a stimulus to a touch receptor is increased, this tends to increase the ____ in the receptor's axon rate of action potentials size of the action potentials speed of nerve conduction all of theserate of action potentialsThis type of sensory coding is the representation of a stimulus by a pattern of firing of only a small group of neurons specificity distributed sparse divergencesparse