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  1. neurons send messages across synapses through the release of this; these are the chemicals that are stored in sacs in the axon terminals
  2. produces energy that fuels the neuron's activity
  3. is a column of nerves about as thick as a thumb that extends from the brain down the back. It's protected by the bones of the spine and transmits messages between the brain and the muscles and glans in the body
  4. consists of the brain and the spinal cord
  5. is a junction between the axon terminals of one neuron and the dendrites of another; messages only travel in one direction

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  1. autonomic nervous systemregulates the body's vital functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion, and blood pressure; we generally do not think of these activities


  2. peripheral nervous systemis made up of nerve cells that send messages between the CNS and other parts of the body


  3. axon terminalsat the end of the axon, these small fibers branch out


  4. nervous system2 parts: central and peripheral