Religion ch.2

20 terms by shellypants

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filled with a sense of the presence of God derived frequently in nature


tending to inspire awe because of human endeavor


transcending the universe and material existence

sacred and holy

"the presence of the transcendent-the supernatural- in our immamnent world-The Beyond in our Midst


operating within a domain of reality; here and near


a dimension that permeates and enlivens the nature already present; "supercharged" ; an infusion of aliveness that empowers and changes


"the one who woke up"


a supernatural infusion of God's love and power that enlivens and empowers us; it is an unmerited free gift and is a participation in the life of God

Mysterium Tremendum

`overwhelming mystery


astonishment, breathtaking, wondrous, the ROOT of all religions is contact with GOd




that which belongs to this life, in contrast with the sacred which pertains to the life to come; the secular, therefore, is the earthly and not celestial; the human and not the divine; the created and not the uncreated; the temporal and not the eternal; the visible and not spiritual; the relative and therefore changeable with time, place, and circumstances, and not the absolute, which is immutable because and in so far as it is associated with the unchangeable God


the secular or merely human as compared with the sacred or divine


liberation from sin and its consequences as well as LIBERATION FROM MEANINGLESSNESS AND SUFFERING WITH NO PURPOSE


the salvation of humanity by Jesus Christ


an AGREEMENT AND RELATIONSHIP between God and Israel in which God promised Protection to the Chosen People (Jews) in return for exclusive loyalty (exodus 19:5)


any turning or changing from a state of sin to repentance from a lax to a fervent way of life, from unbelief to faith


"The God in me bows to the God in you"


'Lord Spoken'

na shiem

the 'the name'

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