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Physical geography

landforms, climate, environmental change


placement of phenomena

Spatial distribution

where phenomena are in the earth

Medical geography

health and disease in a geographical area


national scale


regional scale

Spatial perspective

variations in geographic phenomena over space

Cholera scientist

Dr.John Snow

1s theme location


location theory

predict where to put things

2nd theme human environment

relationship between humans and world

3rd theme region

phenomena concentrated into region

4th theme place

unique characteristics

Sense of place

linking places to events

Perception of place

how we think it looks like

5th theme Movement

movement of people and goods

Spatial interactions

interactions between different places


space between places


how easy to reach


connectivity between locations in transport network


material character of place

cultural landscape

imprint of humans on a place

sequent occupance

different cultures leave lasting imprints on one location

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