Maternity Test 1 Practice Questions

An Antepartum client reports that she has experience nausea and fatigue for the last several weeks. these are which sign of pregnancy?
a.) positive
b.) primary
c.) presumptive
d.) probable
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a nurse is educating a client in early labor. the nurse tells the client that effleurage is:
a.) light stroking of parts of the body to increase relaxation
b.) providing pressure to the back for comfort
c.) a form of biofeedback to enhance bearing down efforts during delivery
d.) performed to stimulate contractions
Kristen is a G1 PO at 39.3 weeks gestation. She presents to triage with c/o contractions q 3 min. Her vaginal exam is 4/50/-1. She is admitted and requests assistance with techniques to manage pain without medication. Name one non-pharmacological method to usemusic (water, counter pressure)The first stage of labor is composed of which of the following three phases? a.) Early, active, pushing b.) active, transition, expulsion c.) transition, expulsion, extension d.) early, active, transitionDThe station of the fetal presenting part is defined as the measure of fetal descent through the birth canal. a.)True b.) FalseAFactors affecting labor and birth are: (choose all that apply) a.)Psyche b.)Powers c.) Passageway d.) Position e.) PassengerA, B, C, D, EYou are caring for a woman in labor. Her cervical exam reveals 6 cm/90% effaced/0 station, or 6/90/0. She is in what stage of labor? a.) active phase of first stage b.) early phase of first stage c.) transition phase of second stage d.) recovery phase of fourth stageApushing occurs in which stage of labor? a.) first b.) fourth c.) second d.) thirdCLate decelerations are a sign of: a.) internal rotation b.) Head compression c.) Placental insufficiency d.) Cord CompressionCFactors influencing the way pain is perceived include: (choose all that apply) a.) environment b.) support c.) previous experience d.) physiologic e.) cultureA, B, C, D, ENonpharmacologic pain relief methods for labor include: (choose all that apply) a.) counterpressure b.) hydrotherapy c.) massage d.) temperature control e.) changing positionsA, B, C, D, EAppropriate nursing interventions for maternal hypotension following administration of an epidural include (choose all that apply) a.) notify the provider b.) cervical exam c.) Give Ephedrine as ordered d.) position change e.) increase IV fluidA, C, D, ENursing interventions for fetal heart late decelerations include: (choose all that apply) a.) palpate for uterine tachysystole b.) correct maternal hypotension c.) decrease Oxytocin d.) position changeA, B, C, D