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Notecards for the Chapter 3 study guide. American History to 1877, Mrs. Waler, ESJ (or formerly EHS). Source of definitions: class notes, "America: History of Our Nation" (class textbook).


A year after it was settled, a supply ship came and discovered the settlement was completely deserted.


-Led by 7 council-members
-Settlers were mostly wealthy British investors
-Came to the New World in search of the Northwest Passage and gold
-Eventually grew into Virginia

Problems of Jamestown

Fighting amongst the leaders, bad water, drought, bad location, spread of disease, bad relationships with Native Americans, wealthy investors refused to work


-Led by William Bradford and John Winthrop
-Settlers were the Pilgrims, who came in search of religious freedom
-Eventually grew into Massachusetts Bay Colony

Problems of Plymouth

Arrived too late to plant crops, harsh winters, strict leaders and religion


Settlers of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Abided by a very strict religious code of conduct. Did not tolerate or respect other religions.


Settlers of Pennsylvania. Abided by a very liberal and open religious code of conduct. Believed in equality between all people.

John Winthrop

Led Pilgrims to Massachusetts Bay Colony.

William Penn

Led Quakers to Pennsylvania.

James Oglethorpe

Founded Georgia.

Roger Williams

Split from Church of England, founded Rhode Island.

Anne Hutchinson

Exiled from Massachusetts Bay Colony. Founded second colony in Rhode Island and one in New York.

Thomas Hooker

Founded Connecticut.

John Wheelright

Disagreed with Anne Hutchinson, founded New Hampshire.

Lord Baltimore

Had the Act of Tolerance passed in Maryland, which provided equal rights to all Christian men, no matter their denomination.


Safe-haven for debtors to start a new life.

Rhode Island

Place for anyone to practice their religion freely. Many Jewish people came to live here because of this.


Second colony that attracted many Puritans.

New Hampshire

Massachustts Bay Colony attempted to control this colony for a short time.

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