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Stithsonianscience Electricity 2014-15

Basic vocabularly for a middle school unit covering static electricity, current electricity, and electromagnetism.

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The "first" person to write about static electricity. Noticed "static cling" when rubbed fur and amber.
Hardened tree sap. In Greek is "elektron"--basis for English word "Electricity".
This is what early observers confused static electricity with.
positive and negative
These are the two types of charges. All matter is made of these charges, which are parts of atoms.
Which are stronger, positive charges or negative charges.
same of both
Do objects usually contain more positive charges or more negative charges?
Luigi Galvani
Biologist. Did "frog experiment". Thought he created "animal electricity".
Alessandro Volta
Invented battery. Explained "frog experiment".
Two different metals and a liquids with minerals.
Materials are needed to make a battery?
static electricity
Type of electricity where charges jump and stop.
current electricity
Type of electricity where charges flow steadily.
A complete path for electricity to flow.
battery or generator
An example of an electrical energy source.
Materials electricity can flow through well.
Materials electricity cannot flow through well.
lightning rod
Ben Franklin's invention used to prevent buildings from being struck by lightning.
These safety devices have a low melting point metal in them that melts apart if too much electricity flows.
circuit breakers
Newer homes have these safety devices to protect circuits from overheating. If too much electricity flows, a spring pushes a switch open.
Hans Christian Oersted
This scientist accidentally (with his "compass experiement") discovered that moving electricity creates a magnetic field.
This magnet is created when wire is wrapped around a magnetic core and electricity flows through the wire.
Units used to measure how fast electricity is being used.
electric field
The electric force surrounding charges.
What two opposite charges will do.
What two of the same charges will do.
Type of energy created by moving charges.