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Marcus Garvey:
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The Progressive presidents of the United States were not reluctant to project American power outside the country's borders, established foreign policies, and dispatched U.S. marines to create a welcoming economic environment. They first were not reluctant to project American power outside the country's borders shown by the Panama canal where they signed a perpetual lease of the area. Second, they used foreign policies shown through Moral Imperialism. Wilson promised a new foreign policy that would respect Latin America's independence. Wilson's moral imperialism produced more military interventions in Latin America than any president before or since. The Roosevelt Corollary stated that the US had the right to exercise "an international police power" in the Western Hemisphere which showed how they wanted to expand overseas. Lastly was using a welcoming economic environment shown through the TR executive agreement which encouraged investment by American corporations. Taft landed marines in Nicaragua to protect government-friendly American economic interests. They also emphasized economic investment and loans from American banks rather than direct military intervention shown through dollar diplomacy.
World War 1 affected race relations in the US because the war strengthened the conviction that certain kinds of undesirable persons ought to be excluded altogether, created a more homogeneous national culture, and restricted inferior races from their freedom. The War excluded people through Immigration Restriction. The groups that were a part of these immigration restrictions were Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Asian Americans. World War 1 also created a homogeneous national culture. Americanization and Pluralism, Americanization was activities that were designed to prepare foreign-born residents of the United States for full participation in citizenship. Pluralism affected race relations as it was the Belief that immigrants to the U.S. maintain their own cultural identity and thus the U.S. is a type of society in which diverse ethnic, racial, national groups go-exist while maintain their own cultural heritage. The Anti-German Crusade was basically being anti-German and Being anti-German became a way of showing patriotism for the American war effort. The Color Line was a book that was written showing the poverty and misfortunes of black women in the south.