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output devices, computer systems, intermediate 2, stkentac

inkjet printer

A nonimpact printer that sprays ink directly onto paper to produce printed text and graphic images.

laser printer

Uses laser-light beams and toner powder to form words and images on paper.

lcd monitor

a flat monitor that uses liquid crystal display to produce images for desktop and portable computers


A device worn on the head to hear sound coming from the computer


Used to output audio such as music, speech.


Data from a computer printed on paper, a printout.

data projector

Takes the text and images displaying on a computer screen and projects them on a larger screen so that the audience can see the image clearly.

printer consumable

paper, ink or toner that are used up and must be replaced when printing

display resolution

A measure, in width by height, of the number of pixels on the screen

printer resolution

Amount of detail on a printout, measured in dpi (dot per inch). eg 1,200 dpi. A higher dpi gives a better quality of image. Bother laser and inkjet are high quality.


a single dot in a graphic image on a display or printout; arranged in a grid to make an image


dots per inch, number of dots in a row or column for a bitmap graphic, used for printer and scanner resolution, inkjet and laser are both high dpi

inkjet cartridge

used in a printer to store coloured ink, sprays ink onto paper

laser toner cartridge

The cartridge for a laser printer contains toner powder, comes in black and colours, a consumable.

lcd panel

liquid crystal display used for display as part of another machine, eg a camera, a printer, even a laptop or hand-held device


a measurement of the number of pages a printer can produce in a minute, laser printers are faster than inkjets

printer cost

ink jet printers are usually cheaper than laser printers, all printers need to replace paper and ink or toner (running cost)

output device characteristics

speed, cost, capacity, resolution

fastest printer

laser printer

audio output devices

loudspeaker, headphone

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