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Quiz 5 review (gov't)

leaders of the French Revolution who tried to convince the people to over throw all existing authority and create a free society based on the "will of the people"
a political system in which the state assumes total control over all areas of an individual's life
(also known as Marxism-Leninism) the totalitarian system of gov't of one or more persons that advocates the violent, revolutionary overthrow of the existing economic, political, and social order to set up a tyrannical state that dominates the person, property, and thought of all the citizens by means of physical and psychological force and terror
rule by the people
form of gov't in which the people are governed by elected representatives
form of bureaucratic gov't that is a t once an economic system, a political movement, a social theory, and a religious faith
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
the world's foremost authority on the history and nature of Communism
Jean Jacques Rousseau
a French philosopher whose theories were used by the Jacobins to support the French Revolution