Module 2

ionzing radiation
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Radiation therapists work closely with professionals who are responsible for properly calculating the radiation dose to be administered. These professionals are known as: Radiologists Oncologists Sonographers DosimetristsdosimetristsWhich of the following is a physician who is specialized in the interpretation of images to aid in the diagnosis and detection of disease? Oncologist Radiologist Radiologist assistant DosimetristRadiologistWhich of the following acts as a liaison between the imaging department personnel, the medical staff, and the hospital administration? Imaging technologist Radiology nurse File room manager Department directorDepartment directorAn experienced radiographer may seek additional education and/or degree requirements and pass the ARRT certification to qualify as a(n): Radiologist assistant (RA) Radiology nurse Radiologist Imaging technologistRadiologist Assistant (RA)Planning, educating, supervising, organizing, coordinating, and communicating are key duties of a(n): Radiographer Imaging technologist Department director Patient transporterdepartment directorWhich of the following support personnel would be responsible for managing and organizing patient image files? Patient transporter File room manager Accounting clerk RadiologistFile room managerWhich of the following support personnel would answer phone calls, schedule procedures, and communicate general information to the public? Information systems manager Radiology nurse RA Clerical/secretarial staffclerical/secretarial staffWhich of the following positions is classified as support personnel? RA Dosimetrist Information systems manager Radiology nurseInformation systems managerprofessional imagingdepartment director radiologist radiation physicist imaging tech radiology assistant radiology nurseSupport servicesclerical/secretarial staff financial patient transporter file room manager information systems managerOutpatient imaging means that all patients are ambulatory and can cooperate for all of the physical requirements of the imaging procedure. True FalseFalseWhen a modality, such as PET, is transported to a facility for a short time to provide imaging procedures, the delivery method is termed: In-patient Outpatient Mobile imaging Temporary employmentMobile imagingWhich of the following work environments would be appealing for a technologist that likes to work independently and enjoys travel? (1) Large medical center (2) Mobile imaging (3) Temporary employment 1 and 2 only 1 and 3 only 2 and 3 only 1, 2, and 32 and 3Which of the following work environments would probably involve imaging mostly inpatients? Long-term care facility Physician's office Free clinic Mobile imagingLong-term facilityhigh frequency sound wavessonographystrong magnetic field to produce images in multiple planesMRIA scanner that includes a gantry with an x-ray tube that rotates around the patient is used to perform:CTtransducerUltrasound device that emits the sound waves and receives the reflected echoesRadiologist must complete what after med school:residencyif a patient has a pacemaker, what procedure can you NOT have done?MRInon-ionizing radiation:MRIcaptures radiographic image:image receptorTechnologist vs. TechnicianTechnician lower lvl education lower lvl problems Technologist higher lvl education higher lvl problemsgamma radiationnuke meduses x-rayradiographymost famous images by William Roentgenhis wife's HANDx-rays discovered byWilliam RoentgenBarium and Air into colon, fordouble contrast bariumStrict sterile technique is required when doing fluoroscopyTrueMammography equip. monitored by govt.YESRadiate NICU babyuse portable machinecan radiographers be travel techs?YESradiologist assistants and practitioners are jobs available for a tech, but requires schoolingYES