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Accounting chapter 2 vocabulary

accounting period
the period of time covered by an accounting report
accounting system
a system designed to collect, document, and report on bussiness transactions
business entity
the accounting assumption that a bussiness exsits independently of it's own personal holdings.
the legal permission, granted by a state, that gives a corporation certain rights and privileges.
computerized accounting system
a type of accounting sysytem in which information is recorded by entering it into a computer.
a business organization recognized by law to have a life of its own
a person who trsnsforms ideas for products or services into real-world businesses
financial accounting
the type of acconting that focuses on reporting information to external users.
finacial reports
documents that present summerized information about the financial status of a business.
free enterprise system
a system in which individuals are free to produce the goods and services they choose
the set of rules that all accountants use to prepare finacial reports.
going concern
the accounting assumption that a business is expected to operate indeffinatly
management accounting
the type of accounting that focuses on reporting information to management.
manual accounting system
a type of accounting system in which information is processed by hand
manufacturing business
a business that buys raw materials and transforms them into finished products by using labor and machinery
merchandising business
a business thay buys finished goods and resells them to individuals or other businesses.
a business owed by two or more persons
service business
a business that provides a needed service for a fee
sole proprietorship
a business owned by one person