31 terms

Bobcats- Management- Chapter 8 Terms

application software
programs that perform specific tasks.
a program that permits navigating and viewing Web pages.
chief information officer (CIO)
the top computer executive.
machine that processes and stores data according to instructions stored in it.
original facts and figures that businesses generate.
a collection of data organized in a way that makes the data easy to find, update, and manage.
decision support system (DSS)
a system that helps managers consider alternatives in making specific decisions.
the science of adapting equipment to the work and health needs of people.
executive information system (EIS)
a computerized system that combines and summarizes ongoing transactions within a company to provide top-level executives with information needed to make decisions affecting the present and future goals and direction of an organization.
a private network that companies use to share certain information with selected people outside the organization, such as suppliers and major customers.
file server (server)
a computer in a LAN that stores data and application software for all PC workstations.
a system using special software that screens people who enter or exit a network by requesting passwords.
computer machine parts and anything attached to the computer.
a Web page address embedded in a word, phrase, or graphic that, when clicked, transports users to that address.
information system
a computer system that processes data into meaningful information.
data that have been processed in some meaningful way.
Internet (Net)
a worldwide network of linked computers that allows users to transfer data and information from one computer to another anywhere in the world.
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
a service that provides access to the Internet through its large computers.
a private company network that allows employees to share resources no matter where they are located.
knowledge workers
people who work with information.
local area network (LAN)
a network of linked computers that serves users in a single building or building complex.
management information system (MIS)
an information system that integrates data from various departments to make it available to help managers with day-to-day business operations.
an electronic device inside or outside the computer that enables sending data over phone lines or cable.
Moore's law
prediction that the amount of data that could be processed by a computer chip would double about every 18 months.
operating system software
a master control program that manages the computer's internal functions and file system.
personal digital assistant (PDA)
a small computer-like device that can send and receive messages wirelessly.
search engine
a program that assists in locating information on the Net.
instructions that tell the computer what to do.such as a state or country.
telecommunications (data communications)
the electronic movement of information from one location to another location.
wide area network (WAN)
a network of linked computers that covers a wide geographic area,
World Wide Web (WWW or Web)
makes the Internet accessible to the average person and permits text, photographs, videos, and sound to be transmitted over the Net.