Social Studies 5th grade Chapter 10

Social Studies 5th grade Chapter 10
What did the states hope to gain under the Articles of Confederation?
freedom, independence and a firm league of friendship
Describe the government under the Articles of Confederation.
Congress could not pass laws to collect taxes.
What was one weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
The government had only one branch.
What caused Shay's Rebellion?
Massachusetts property taxes were hard on farmers.
What was ordered by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
divide the territory into smaller territories.
What is true of the Norwest Ordinance of 1787?
The Northwest Territory had to be divided into smaller territories, a governor and judges were named to govern the territory, slavery was prohibited in the Northwest Territory.
What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?
revise the Articles of Confederation
Which part in the Virginia Plan was objected to by supporters of the New Jersey Plan?
Larger states should have more representatives in Congress.
Describe the Great Compromise.
equal representation in the Senate, representation based on population in the House of Representatives, a Congress made up of two houses
What was the outcome of the Constitutional Convention?
The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.
What goal is stated in the Preamble to the Constitution?
to protect the people's liberty
What are the major goals of the Constitution?
to defend the nation, to ensure peace, to establish justice
What group wanted a stong national government, like that set forth in the Constitution?
Describe the Antifederalists.
people who were unhappy with the Constitution
Describe the Bill of Rights
ten Constitutional amendments specifying freedoms
What happened when Congress pledged to add the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
Many states signed the Constitution.
How did Benjamin Frankin describe the government under the Constitution?
"A republic, if you can keep it."
How did the Articles of Confederation affect relations between the United States and European nations?
The Articles of Confederation kept the United States from forming strong trading relationships with European nations because Congress could not pass laws making rules for trade. Some governments had little respect for the United States.
In what ways was the Northwest Ordinance successful?
The Nortwhest Ordinance of 1787 was successful because it was a plan for allowing a large piece of land to become states that were the equals of the original 13 states.
How did Shay's Rebellion and other protests affect the government?
Shay's Rebellion and other protests caused concern among the nationalists. They believed a stronger national government was needed. Eventually the Articles of Confederation wee replaced with the Constitution.
Why did the delegates draft a new plan instead of revising the Articles of Confederation?
Some delegates thought that a revision would not make the national government strong enough. By proposing the Virginia and New Jersey Plans, delegates indicated that they wee not happy with the Articles of Confederation and supported the idea of a new plan.
Why was it important for the delegates to be able to change their minds at the Constitutional Convention?
The delegates had to compromise to come up with a plan with which most would agree. Sometimes a compromise means a person has to change his or her mind.
Who were the authors of The Federalist essays, and what were they trying to achieve?
They were written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. They wanted to educate people on the weaknesses of the Antifederalists' arguments. They were hoping that once people wee informed, they would see that the Antifederalists were incorrect in their opinions and vote for the Constitution.
What was the underlying reason that many states wanted the Bill of Rights to be part of the Constitution?
The Bill of Rights places specific limits on government. Some people still feared that a strong government would become too powerful. The Bill of RIghts took away this fear.
What do you think was meant when it was said that the Constitution provided a framework for a stronger central government?
The Constitution provides the shell and not the details. The details can be added when necessary to make the Constitution relevant to the current society.