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the original source of energy on earth




to make something


organisms that make all their own organic matter


organisms that cannot make organic molecules from inorganic ones

cellular respiration

the aerobic harvesting of chemical energy from organic fuel molecules


presence of molecular oxygen


lacks presence of molecular oxygen

redox reaction

transfer of electrons and hydrogens from one substance to another


oxygen gains electrons and hydrogens


glucose loses electrons and hydrogens

kreb's cycle

completes the breakdown of sugar all the way to carbon dioxide


a molecule of glucose is split into two molecules of a compound called pyruvic acid, net gain of two ATP, NADH produced for ETC


the general term for all the chemical processes that occur in cells

ATP synthase

the turbine-like structures in mitochondrial membrane that are powered by electron transport

electron transport chain

a series of electron carrier molecules that shuttle electrons during the redox reactions that release energy used to make ATP

aerobic respiration equation

C6H12O6+6CO2 _enzymes+ATP_6CO2+6H2O+38 ATP and heat

faculative anaerobe

an organism with the metabolic versatility to harvest food energy by either cellular respiration or fermentation

obligate anaerobe

an organism that is poisoned by oxygen

obligate aerobe

an organism that depends on oxygen and cellular respiration to stay alive


the anaerobic harvest of food energy

lactic acid fermentation

the conversion of pyruvate to lactate with no release of carbon dioxide

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