Unit 7: Geometry Vocabulary

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base of a triangle
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vertexA point where two or more straight lines meet.edgeThe line along which two surfaces of a solid meet.polygon2D shape with straight lines, and enclosedArea of a rhombus/kiteA= 1/2 (d1 x d2)Area of a trapezoidA= 1/2 (b1 + b2) hVolume formula for a rectangular prismV= LxWxHFractional edge lengthThe length of each edge of the cube is a fraction.Rectangular Prism Net2 rectangular bases, 4 rectangular facesTriangular Pyramid/Tetrahedron net1 triangular base, 3 triangular facesTriangular Prism net2 triangular bases, 3 rectangular facesCylinder Net (not a polyhedron)A solid shape with one curved surface and two congruent circular bases.Polyhedrona solid figure with many plane faces. Straight edges.Area of a shape- 2Dthe number of square units inside a shapeVolume of a shape- 3Dthe number of cubed units inside a shape