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  1. Abscond
  2. Censure
  3. Synthesis
  4. Approbation
  5. Discordant
  1. a to criticize severely; to officially rebuke
  2. b the combination of parts to make a whole
  3. c an expression of approval or praise
  4. d conflicting; dissonant or harsh in sound
  5. e to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide

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  1. to babble meaninglessly; to talk in an empty and idle manner
  2. not moving, active, or in motion; at rest
  3. troubling; burdensome
  4. fierce and cruel; eager to fight
  5. of the world; typical of or concerned with the ordinary

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  1. Axiomaticnot moving, active, or in motion; at rest


  2. Austereto ease or lessen; to appease or pacify


  3. Nebulousharmful, injurious


  4. Exigentquiet; reserved; reluctant to express thoughts and feelings


  5. Noxiousharmful, injurious


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