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  1. Disparate
  2. Erudite
  3. Synthesis
  4. Onerous
  5. Parody
  1. a troubling; burdensome
  2. b fundamentally distinct or dissimilar
  3. c a humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect, esp. in literature and art
  4. d very learned; scholarly
  5. e the combination of parts to make a whole

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  1. to weaken; to reduce in vitality
  2. extreme boldness; presumptuousness
  3. not moving, active, or in motion; at rest
  4. well-spoken, expressive, articulate
  5. vague; cloudy; lacking clearly defined form

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  1. Prescienceto cause or happen before anticipated or required (V)
    acting with excessive hast or impulse (adj)


  2. Axiomaticsomething different from the norm


  3. Squandermisgivings; reservations; causes for hesitancy


  4. Censureto criticize severely; to officially rebuke


  5. Stymiedissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy


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