History-the treaty of tordesillas

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella,after Columbus returned from his voyages,what did they want the other European countries to accept them as?
They wanted the other countries to accept them as the rulers of the new lands.
Who did they ask and what did they ask him?
They asked Pope Alexander the 6th to declare that they rightfully belonged to Spain.
What did the pope do grant their wish?
Alexander divided the new world and outside Europe into two.
Describe the distribution of land.
The world was divided into two.The eastern part went to Portugal whose sailors had now found a route to the East by way of the Cape of Good hope at the southern tip of Africa and the western portion went to Spain because she had first discovered land there.The position was longitude 50 degrees west.
What did the pope declare?
The pope declared that all inhabitants of the western portion should be converted to the Catholic faith.
When did Spain and Portugal sign the treaty and what was the treaty called?
In 1492,Spain and Portugal signed the treaty.It was called the treaty of Tordesillas.