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ethics nclex questions

ethics nclex questions
Which would the nurse not list as a purpose of the nursing code of ethics when discussing it with a group of new employees?
Providing solutions for specific ethical situations
When trying to make a responsible ethical decision, what should the nurse understand as the basis for ethical reasoning?
Ethical principles and codes
A nurse working in the Emergency Department is asked to care for an openly gay client with AIDS. The nurse tells her supervisor that caring for the client is against her religious beliefs, and asks if she must take the assignment. Does this nurse have a moral obligation to care for the client?
Yes, unless the risk exceeds the responsibility
A fully alert and competent 89-year-old client is in end-stage liver disease. The client says, "I'm ready to die," and refuses to take food or fluids. The family urges the client to allow the nurse to insert a feeding tube. What is the nurse's moral responsibility?
The nurse should honor the client's decision.
Which act would the nurse consider passive euthanasia?
Removing a "no code" client from a ventilator
A client with cancer has decided against further treatment. Which nursing action would be most helpful?
Making sure the client has accurate information and understands the consequences of the decision
A client asks you not to tell his wife that he has cancer. He does not want to burden her with this information. What would be the most appropriate response by the nurse?
"What benefits do you see from doing this?"
The nurse notes that a client has a slight red rash after taking a dose of an antibiotic. What action by the nurse would demonstrate the moral principle of nonmaleficence?
Noting the reaction and getting a new medication ordered
A mentally competent client with end-stage liver disease continues to consume alcohol after being informed of the consequences of this action. What action best illustrates the nurse's role as a client advocate?
Accepting the client's choice and not intervening
Which of the following terms are moral principles?
Select all that apply.


A client with a low postoperative hemoglobin and hematocrit levels refuses a potentially life saving blood transfusion. When questioning the client about the refusal, the client states, "I know about the risks of AIDS and hepatitis and do not want a blood transfusion." The physician enters the room and begins to coerce the client to accept the blood transfusion. The nurse's best response would be:
"The client understands the risks associated with blood transfusions. Perhaps you can speak with him about his concerns."
A 43 year-old client with end stage ovarian cancer is admitted to the hospital with a bowel obstruction. The client in a tremendous amount of pain, states, "please give me enough morphine to kill me." The nurse's best response would be:
"I am trying to understand what you are saying. Describe the pain, where is it? How intense is the pain? What do you normally do for this type of pain?"
A famous actress has had plastic surgery. The media contacts the nurse on the unit and asks for information about the surgery. The nurse knows:
Nurses are obligated to respect client's privacy and confidentiality.
The nurse did not follow hospital procedure and hung a unit of blood on the wrong client. The client had an anaphylactic reaction and the team is called in for emergency treatment. During the resuscitation, the nurse does not reveal that the wrong blood was given. Which moral principles were violated?
Select all that apply.

Which term is defined as answerable to oneself and others for one's own actions?