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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access
is a powerful database management system (DBMS) that functions in the Windows Environment and allows you to create and process data in database
Data Entry and Update (KEY FEATURE)
access provides easy mechanisms manipulating mass data in a single operation
Using access, it is easy to ask complex questions concerning the data in the data in the data base and recieve instatnt answetrs
You can produce attractive and useful forms for viewing and updating data
a feature to create sophisticated reports for presenting you data
Web Support(KEY FEATURE)
allows you to save objects, reports, and tables in HTML format
a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrival and use of that data
rows in a table that contain info about a given person, product or event
contains a specific piece of info within a record
Field Name
Each field in the table must have a uique name
names can be up to 64 characters in legnth, names can contain letters, digits, and most punctuation symbols, names cannot contain periods, exclamation points, accent graves, or brackets, same name can't be used twice
Data type
Indicated to access the type of data the field will contain
data types used
text, number, currency
access allows ou to enter a detailed description of the field
DataBase Management System
Unique Identifier
a number assigned to something or someone that can be used more than once
Primary key
another name for a unique identifier
task Pane
a seperate window that enables users to carry outsome Access tasks mre efficiently
create a form using auto form
Autoform button
creating a report
Autorport tab
creating a simple query
Simple Query Wizard