Middle Level Lit 1 Module 1 Assessment

Evaluation is a _____ ________ and should result in some kind of _______.
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Summative assessments are _______ stakes.highsummative-decision based on outcomehigh stakes testingIn norm-referenced assessments, students are compared with a _________ _______ of others who are in the same age or grade.representative sampleassesses how well skills or knowledge in a specific domain have been learnedcriterion-referenced testsraw score on scale from 1 to 99percentile rankmeasure of consistencyreliabilitya test measures what it says it measuresvalidityAssessing for leaning begins with a clear expectation of the __________ or objectives that students are expected to _____.standards, meetStandards are typically broken down into _______________(also called learning intentions)objectivesWhat do learning objectives state?what the teacher wants students to understand or be able doWhy are success criteria important?provides direction for students along the path of learningWhy is feedback an important part of the assessment process?so students fully understand what they need to improve onFeedback is only effective is it's ______ ______. What does this mean?acted upon - you can't just listen to feedback and then not do anything about it. It should be timely so students can effectively act upon.If students are reading, assessment beings with ___________________________________.determining the levels at which they are readingHow does an IRI (informal reading inventory) help determine a students' reading level?the student begins at an easy level and keeps going until it becomes too difficult. The IRI yields info about the 4 reading levels with its series of graded selectionsWhat 4 pieces of information does and IRI provide?independent level, instructional level, frustration level, listening capacityWhat is a look back and why is it a good skill to assess? What might you determine?the ability to look back over a passage to find info to answer a question. a vital skill. if students don't find the information it may be failure of memory and not lack of understanding. if students fail to answer the question it may be a thinking problem.A miscue analysis can be used to analyze students' word recognition ________.errorsWhat are the 2 major purposes of administering a running record?1. To defending whether the students reading materials are on the proper level 2. To obtain information about the word recognition processes students are using% of words read correctlyaccuracy rate# of errors <divided by> # of words in selectionratio of errorsratio of corrections to combined total errors and self-correctionsself-correction rateWhat is a sign that students are reading for meaning?self-correctingScreening assessments are design to identify students who are ___ ______ or who are ________ ______.at risk, falling behindScreening assessments are also frequently used to monitor progress and provide an overview of the effectiveness of __________. What does this mean?instruction if students aren't doing well, the program may need to be adjusted. if classes aren't doing as well as others, the teacher may need assistanceWhat are curriculum-based measures (CBMs) and what do they measure?general outcome assessments that are curriculum independent measures the overall indicators of proficiency rather than mastery of specific skillsA benchmark is an expected level of ____________.performanceThe benchmark reflects the "relationship between students' _______ on a benchmark and later performance on an __________ ________" What does this mean?performance, outcome measure benchmarks are less than perfect predictors but they're good indicators. they should be complemented with professional judgement plus assessments. they show who needs more help because compared to the outcome.English learners should be tested ___________ to measure how well they learning English.annuallyWhy is it important to have information about an English learners literacy professing in their native language?they will have learned all the basics in their language so they can build on this knowledgeWhat is the most important instructional decision?selecting reading materialWhat is the CC 3-part approach to assessing the complexity of text? (explain*)quantitative, qualitative, reader-task considerationsstresses observable response to stimuli, behaviors are controlled by reinforcers, scripted programsBehaviorismchildren think differently and develop through direct experience, constructivismPiaget's Theoriespeople are important to learning, learn from experience, Vygotsky, social experience and interactionSocial Cognitive Views of Learningbehavior is affected by rewards and punishments, self-talk/checklists, helps students reevaluate and establish goalsCognitive-Behavioral ApproachBottom-Upperschildren start at the bottom and work their way upTop-Downersstudents start at the top and work down to learn readingInteractionistsskills are taught directly and systematicallyactive readers use as a model of transmission of infoReader Response Theoryemphasis on the text over self connections, meaning thru analysisNew Criticismtexts that promote fairness and equityCritical LiteracyWhy were the Common Core State Standards created to ensure?every student is college and career ready___________ is a process where we construct ________ from _______. Without meaning, there is no reading.Reading - meaning - printWhat are the 6 components of language?phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, prosody, pragmaticsWhat the 10 Basic Principles of Teaching Reading? (Pg. 15-18)1. Children learn to read by reading 2. Reading should be at the appropriate level of challenge 3. Instruction should be differentiated 4. Instruction should be functional and contextual as well as systematic 5. Teachers should make connections 6. Teachers should promote independence 7. Teachers should believe that all children can learn to read and write and act on that belief 8. Teacher's should build students' self-efficacy 9. Teachers should build students' language proficiency 10. Teachers need to know how students are progressing so that they can give them extra help or change the program, if necessaryAccording to Rosenblatt, ________ guides how and why we read.purposeLiterature has the power to __________ in many ways in readers' lives.functionThe majority of characters in widely used picture books are ______. If students are to meet diverse characters, _______ must play an important role.white, teachersWhat does it mean when literature functions as a mirror?it reflect the reader's experience, we see part of ourselve reflected backWhat does it mean when literature functions as windows?readers experience worlds removed from their own, readers walk away with moreWhat does it mean when literature functions as a sliding glass door?the reader is changed by the book (motivated to take action)When selecting books with the potential to become "sliding glass doors", it's recommended the characters do one or more of the following... (7)make the world a better place experience injustice stand up or speak out serve as role models take risks wrestle with right and wrong raise questions about their worldWhether and how readers move through a sliding glass door downed a on readers' ________ and _______ during and after reading.response, reflectionList 3 ways that teachers can guide readers to respond deeply to literature.during reading responses, after reading responses, help readers slow down