17 terms

five themes of geography

another name for round
an invisible line at 0 degrees between the north and the south pole
prime meridian
a line at 0 degrees between the east and west
lines latitude
lines going sideways that show the degrees of the earth
lines of longitude
lines going up and down that show the degrees of the earth
tropic of cancer
the northern part of the earth
map scale
a map with lines of latitude and longitude
tropic of capricorn
the southern part of the earth
to change the shape
political map
its main purpose is to show continents, countries, and divisoins with countries
physical map
shows country lables and lables of capitals cities
topographic map
a map that shows features esp. elevation
contour lines
a map that shows curved out lines
scale model of the earth
a person who makes maps
five themes of geography
location, place, human enviornment interaction, movement, and region
international date line
the line on the earth that seperates one day from another day